Member Name Not Printed on Cancelled Cheque Meaning in EPFO


Member name not printed on cancelled cheque means your name is not printed on the cheque that you uploaded for the PF claim. In such a case, you need to reapply for PF with a new cheque with your name printed on it (or) bank passbook (or) bank statement.

The name on your cheque leaf should match the name on your EPF account i.e. UAN portal. If not your PF claim gets rejected with the reason “ UAN claim cancelled cheque not as per KYC bank details.”

So, ensure that your name on the UAN member portal and your bank records are the same.

Cheque for EPF withdrawal with name on it

Why Some Cheques are Missing a Printed Name?

Employees who get a salary account during their joining will get a welcome kit from the bank. The cheques in the welcome kit don’t consist of the account holder’s name.

These cheques are used for all transactions except for the PF withdrawal. For PF claims, your name should be printed on the cheque.

Once receive your cheque, scan that and upload it while applying for PF.

How to Get Name Printed on Cheque for Any Bank

To get a cheque book with your name printed on it you need to apply for a new cheque book either online (or) directly at your bank.

It may take 2 days to 1 week to receive your new cheque book. Whenever you get a new cheque book the bank will print your name on it.

Alternate Methods to Apply for PF without a Cheque

  1. You can use your bank passbook’s first-page photo, but it should have your photo with bank stamp and signature, if not your claim will be rejected.
    (Note: Using a cheque with name (or) bank passbook with the above requirements will have a 100% success rate for PF claims)
  2. You can also use your recent bank statement downloaded on your bank’s internet banking facility (or) mobile app. Take a screenshot of that statement and use it for the PF claim.
    You don’t need to take a screenshot of all the pages, just take a screenshot of the first page, and it will be enough.
    (Note: When you upload a bank statement it is up to the PF officer to accept your claim or not. I have personally uploaded the bank statement and it was approved by EPFO, so if you don’t have both a cheque and passbook then give it a try).


1. Do I need to write cancelled on my cheque for PF claim?

It is not mandatory to write “Cancelled” on the cheque for PF, even though you write it or not EPFO will accept your claim.

2. What is the size of cancelled cheque for PF withdrawal?

The cheque size should be less than 500 Kb in JPG format.

3. Does cancelled cheque require a signature for PF withdrawal?

No, for PF claim you don’t need to sign on the cheque.

4. Can I use the same Cancelled cheque twice?

yes, you can use the same cancelled cheque multiple times.

5. Can I scan the cancelled cheque using mobile scanning apps?

Yes, you can, but make sure that the quality of the scanned picture is good and that your name and bank details are clearly visible.



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