Fix Xbox Runtime Error in Windows 10


Fix Xbox Runtime Error in Windows 10

Xbox by Microsoft is a famous and widely used video gaming platform used across the world. This video gaming experience is usually enhanced with the use of Xbox controllers that help in the wireless control of the game with a few clicks. For Windows users who run Xbox on their PC, Xbox controllers are fully compatible with the Windows operating system. However, there are times when users have reported experiencing runtime error. Although the error can be encountered occasionally, it still interferes with your experience while using Xbox, and can be annoying. If you are dealing with the same situation then you have come to the right place. We have a perfect guide for you that will help you deal with runtime error Xbox and will let you know about what is Xbox runtime error. So, let us get familiar with the error a bit more and know what causes it on Windows while using the Xbox controller.

Fix Xbox Runtime Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Xbox Runtime Error in Windows 10

Xbox runtime error is an error that occurs mostly when a program is run with the help of an Xbox controller. When you press the button of the controller, to open a game or launch a program, a runtime error can be encountered which prevents Xbox from executing correct commands due to many reasons.

What Causes the Runtime Error?

Multiple reasons can cause runtime error while operating Xbox with an Xbox controller, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Corrupt Xbox files
  • Outdated Xbox controller drivers
  • Corrupt system files
  • Xbox server issues

Whether the cause of the error is technical or due to a server problem, they all can be fixed using the steps that are given below:

Method 1: Visit Xbox Status Page

The next method in the list to fix runtime error Xbox is to check if the Xbox servers are down or not. Sometimes the real issue behind runtime error is problems from the server’s end, therefore, you must check the Xbox Live Status page and wait out the issue if the server is down.

Check the Xbox Status Page

Method 2: Install Xbox Controller Driver

The first method to perform while facing issues like runtime error on operating Xbox games is to manually install Xbox controller drivers. But before doing that it is important to uninstall Xbox 360 drivers. While for Windows 10, these drivers come pre-installed, for other Windows versions, you have to download Xbox one controller driver manually which can be done using the following steps:

1. Open the Run dialog box with the help of the Win + R keys.

Open the Run box

2. Now, enter control in the box and click OK.

Enter control and click OK. How to Fix Runtime Error on Xbox

3. Locate and open Programs and Features.

Click on Program and Features. How to Fix Runtime Error on Xbox

4. Then, right-click on Microsoft Xbox 360.

5. Finally, click on Uninstall.

6. Once the program is uninstalled, download the latest version of the Xbox One Driver.

Download the latest version of Xbox One Driver

7. Launch the installer once it is downloaded.

8. Finally, restart the system afterwards.

Select restart

9. Now, connect the Xbox controller to check if the error is resolved.

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Method 3: Download Latest Version of Microsoft Visual C++

Another method that can help you with runtime error is to install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ on your system. The latest version might not come with Xbox controller drivers; hence, you can manually download it.

1. Open the Microsoft Visual C++ download page.

2. Click on the download link.

Click on the download link. How to Fix Runtime Error on Xbox

3. Once the program is installed on your system, launch it using the on-screen instructions.

4. Now, reboot the PC and connect the Xbox controller to see if the runtime error has been fixed.

Select restart

Method 4: Update Windows

If you are running an outdated version of Windows on your system and are experiencing runtime error Xbox while launching a game then updating Windows can be of help for you. You can check our guide on How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update and help yourself out with the latest update.

Update Windows

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Method 5: Repair System Files

Another reason that can cause the runtime error is corrupt files on your system. These files, full of bugs, can interrupt the normal functions of the system. Therefore, it is important to scan these files and to do so you can use System File Checker. For more information about the scan, read our guide on How to Repair System Files on Windows 10.

Run SFC and DISM command lines to repair system files. How to Fix Runtime Error on Xbox

Method 6: Reboot Xbox

If none of the methods has worked for you till now then you can try rebooting the Xbox system which can help you with runtime error Xbox if you are using a console. The data and games stored on your system remain intact with the reboot, making it a completely safe method to opt for. You can try the restart method using the steps given below:

1. Press the Xbox button.

2. Click on Settings in the Xbox guidance window.

3. Select Restart console and press Yes to confirm the restart.

Xbox console
Photo by Louis Philippe Poitras on Unsplash

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Method 7: Update Xbox Controller

The main issue of runtime error Xbox occurs when a user tries to launch a game using the controller. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the wireless controller that you are using is up to date. So, follow the steps below and update your controller to get rid of the runtime error:

1. Connect the Xbox controller to your PC.

2. Next, hit the Windows key, type Microsoft Store and click on Open.

open Microsoft store

3. Search the Xbox Accessories app and click on Get to install it on your PC.

Click on Get

4. Now, launch the Xbox Accessories app. It will display the Xbox controller on the screen automatically after detecting it.

5. Next, click on the three-dot icon and click on the Update option.

6. If the controller is already updated, the message stating No update available will be displayed on the screen.

No update available. Fix Runtime Error on Xbox

Method 8: Perform Clean Boot

If you have tried all the above-stated methods and still have not been able to get rid of the runtime error then there may be corrupted repositories or some missing Windows files that are resulting in the error. These problems have a quick fix and that is performing a clean boot. It removes any third-party applications or programs that might be interfering with launching the game or otherwise in the Windows functions. You can go through our helpful guide on how to Perform Clean boot in Windows 10 for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Now, check the box next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ / Perform Clean boot in Windows 10

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a runtime error?

Ans. The runtime error is an error that is encountered when the affected program is launched. It can be caused by various factors including incompatible applications, insufficient space or memory, malware, or bugs.

Q2. Does encountering runtime error affect the game?

Ans. If you encounter a runtime error due to your Xbox controller, there are high chances that you can lose your game or control of it, and your game can also be terminated.

Q3. How can I reset my Xbox controller?

Ans. It is quite easy to reset an Xbox controller as its reset button is situated near the L2 button. When the button is pressed down and held for a few seconds, it results in resetting the controller. Once it is done, you can connect the controller again to your system and check if it is working fine.

Q4. How can I update my Xbox controller?

Ans. You can update your Xbox controller with the help of the Xbox Accessories app. For more information and step-by-step instructions, check out Method 7 mentioned above.

Q5. Is it okay to perform a hard reset on Xbox?

Ans. A hard reset will erase all the data and games from your PSP or Xbox, so, before performing it make sure that you have saved all your data, files, and games from the Xbox system to a safe location.


Xbox users who love to play video games using Xbox controllers can come across runtime error quite often. It is indeed frustrating to receive this error but we hope that our guide helped you out with solutions to fix runtime error Xbox and also helped you to know what is Xbox runtime error. Let us know which one of the methods was of great help to you by leaving a comment down below. Also, if you have queries or suggestions, leave them down below too.


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