Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?


Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

Undoubtedly, laptops have many perks like mobility, fast processing, internet access, offline operation, and instant-to-use. Even though laptops seem to be the perfect gadget in hand, these can sometimes heat up all of a sudden leading to loud fan noise. If you are struggling with the same issue and are wondering why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden then our today’s guide will help you a lot. In the doc, along with getting familiar with different methods to fix the issue, we will also answer the most asked question, is it bad if my laptop fan is loud? So, let us begin answering all your doubts and fixing the loud fan noise in your laptop.

Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

The cooling system in laptops helps in cooling fans that keep the device ventilated and free from heat production. Fans come into action when the temperature of the laptop increases beyond a threshold. The speed of the fan depends upon the temperature. Sometimes, this fan noise can become too loud in certain cases. Let us look at some possible causes that result in this loud fan noise:

  • Vents clogged due to dirt can make it difficult for fans to work properly resulting in loud noise.
  • The dirty cooling fan of your laptop can also cause a loud noise.
  • Overheating of your laptop due to its resources can be another reason behind loud fan noise.
  • The next reason can be the frequent use of a laptop for playing games that demands more space and GPU resources which can increase laptop temperature and thus loud fan noise.
  • Software issues on your laptop can also be one of the causes of this noise.
  • Hard disk failure can also trigger loud fan noise.
  • Malware or system viruses are another common reason behind overheating laptops.

Is it Bad if My Laptop Fan is Loud?

If you are wondering, is it bad if my laptop fan is loud then to answer this question, it is not normal to hear loud fan noise out from a laptop. If you are hearing a noise when the fan of your device is working, it usually means that the fan is working harder than normal while you are running multiple applications, doing some intense multimedia tasks, or if the system is overheating. This is not a good sign and means that there is some problem with the device components or even a malware infection.

How to Reduce Fan Noise on Laptop Windows 10?

It is common to encounter loud noise out from your laptop’s fans due to the reasons stated above. However, if you are hearing this sound consistently, it indicates some serious issues like malware infection, component issues, and performance problems. This might cause permanent damage to some important components of your device. If this is the case, you can follow some troubleshooting fixes that are mentioned below:

Method 1: Restart Laptop

If you are unsure of how to fix laptop fan noise then the first and easy method to attempt is restarting your laptop. Sometimes, minor software issues can become the primary cause of fan noise. Turning off your laptop and then turning it back on will put an end to all active processes immediately. By doing so, the airflow problem of your device will be fixed with no apps or programs running. This will shut down fans and will ultimately help you fix the issue. You can refer to our guide on 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer for more details on how to attempt this method in different ways.

Restart PC

Method 2: Close Background Apps

Mostly, loud fan noises get triggered by demands that are placed on the hardware. Oftentimes, background processes running on the GPU of your system hogg up a lot of space and result in system overheating. Therefore, the best solution for why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden is to close these background applications to eliminate the demand that will eventually fix the loud fan noise. You can refer to our guide on How to Disable Background Apps in Windows 10 to get more insight on this topic.

Close Background Apps. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

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Method 3: Close Open Browser Tabs

If you wondering how to reduce fan noise on laptop Windows 10 then the answer lies in the browser tabs of your device. If you have multiple tabs opened on your laptop, the browser will consume more resources. This ultimately results in fan spin-up and your system getting hot. Therefore, you must close open browser tabs and bookmark the tabs that are important. To bookmark tabs on Chrome, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Settings of Chrome browser by clicking on three-vertical dots.

Launch Google Chrome and click on the three dotted icon from the top right corner

2. Select Bookmarks from the menu displayed.

Select Bookmarks. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

3. Next, click on Bookmark all tabs…

Click on Bookmark all tabs. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

You can also select a specific tab and bookmark it alone by following the steps above.

Method 4: Clean Dust in Ports and Vents

It is quite clear that if the vents and ports of your device are clogged up with dirt, then can result in loud fan noise. Therefore, to answer how to fix laptop fan noise, you must clean the dust in these ports and vents to ensure the proper working of the laptop fan. Dust build-up can prevent the fans from cooling your device and internal components as well. So, you should regularly clean dust from the fans and vents to allow system cooling. You can keep in mind some points listed below to clean dust from your device:

  • Use cotton swabs or earbuds to clear the outside and inside of your laptop.
  • Do not make use of water swabs to clean the laptop as they can bring moisture and further damage to the device.
  • Be careful while cleaning the sensitive hardware parts of the laptop to not cause any damage to them.

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Method 5: Increase Airflow around System Vents

To know how to reduce fan noise on laptop Windows 10, you must make sure there is sufficient airflow around system vents. The loud fan noise can come up because your laptop needs to spin up its fans and circulate the air inside it. Therefore, for proper ventilation, you must increase the airflow. You can follow some useful points listed below to increase the airflow:

  • As laptop vents are placed on the bottom, you must place your device on a smooth and flat surface like a desk or floor to maintain airflow.
  • If your laptop has a protective case covering on it, remove it to avoid any airflow obstruction.
  • You can also use a cooling pad that is made specifically to help you use your device even on your lap without worrying.
  • Finally, don’t leave your laptop in sun for too long, and avoid working on it in direct sunlight to prevent its overheating.

Method 6: Run Malware Scan

If after trying out all the methods above, you are still struggling with the question, why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden, then you must try running a malware scan on your device. Malware or virus attacks on the laptop can cause them to overwork which makes fans to whir and rattle. Therefore, to rule out this possibility and finally fix the loud sound that your system fan is making, you can refer to our informative guides, How do I Run a Virus Scan on my Computer? and How to Remove Malware from your PC in Windows 10 and fix the overheating issues and ultimately, loud fan noise.

Run a Malware Scan. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is my laptop fan loud but the laptop is not heated?

Ans. If your laptop fan is loud but is not heated up, it can be due to dust or clogged-up dirt in the vents and ports of your device that makes the fan whir up and rattle.

Q2. Should I be worried if my laptop fan is making a loud noise?

Ans. While it is common to experience noise from a laptop fan, it is not normal to hear it for a long time and repeatedly. Therefore, if the issue persists, you must cool down your system and check for any component damage.

Q3. How can I clean the laptop fan without opening the system?

Ans. You can clean your laptop fan without opening it up by using compressed air which is cheap and rapidly available.

Q4. Is it safe to use a laptop with a loud noisy fan?

Ans. No, it is not safe to use a laptop with a loud noisy fan.

Q5. Is it safe to clean the fan of the laptop?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to clean the fan of the laptop.


We hope that our guide on why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden helped you out in answering all your doubts regarding the reasons behind a noisy fan and different ways in which you can fix it. If you have some other queries or suggestions, kindly drop them in the comments section below.


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