What is the Meaning of Pending at SS/AO/AC Accounts in PF Claim


What is the Meaning of Pending at SS/AO/AC Accounts in PF Claim


Some times EPF members who apply for their EPF claim will see this message in their PF claim status portal that pending at SS/AO/AC accounts. When we apply for PF then our PF claim application will pass through different departments of the EPF office. Before understanding the meaning of the above message we need to know what is SS/AO/AC in PF claim status.

  • SS: Section Supervisor
  • AO: Accounts Officer
  • AC: PF Assistant Commissioner

Pending at SS/AO/AC Accounts Meaning in PF

The meaning of pending at SS/AO/AC in PF is your claim is, your PF claim request successfully submitted to EPFO and now they are verifying your application.  If your claim fulfills the PF withdrawal guidelines then your PF amount will be released to your bank account. In the meantime, your claim status show pending at SS/AC/AP accounts.

PF Pending at SS/AO/AC Accounts Rejection Meaning

If your claim doesn’t fulfill PF withdrawal guidelines then EPFO has a right to reject your claim in that case your claim status will be turned to rejected.  For example, if your details in PF and bank account don’t match or if you don’t upload a proper copy of the cheque or bank passbook or if you don’t submit form 15G when you are eligible etc…

How Much time Will it Take If  Your Claim Status Shows Pending at SS/AO/AC

If your claim status is showing like this then it will take 3-15 days to credit your PF amount into your bank account.

Some times the same message will also be seen as pending at DA account in the PF claim status portal. Here DA means Dealing  Assistant.


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