What is Seeded Aadhaar Against activated UAN is Mandatory for Online Claim Submission


What is Seeded Aadhaar Against activated UAN is Mandatory for Online Claim Submission


Seeding Aadhar with your PF account is mandatory to apply for PF amount online, but what is seeded Aadhaar against activated UAN? Here seeding means linking your Aadhar with your PF account.

If you haven’t linked your Aadhar number with your UAN then whenever you try to apply for PF then you will see this message on the screen.

You can link your Aadhar with your PF account online on UAN member portal. It is a simple process.

How to Seed Aadhar Against UAN

Step 1: Login on your UAN member portal and go to manage option in menu bar.

Step 2: Under manage option click on KYC, and select Aadhar and enter your Aadhar number.

Step 3: Now your Aadhar seeding request will be sent to your employer, if they approve it in their employer PF portal with their digital signature then your Aadhar will be seeded with your UAN.

How to Seed Aadhar Against UAN

(But here remember one thing, if your Aadhar is not linked with your mobile number then you won’t receive OTP while claiming PF online.)

If your mobile number is already linked to your Aadhar then ok, otherwise link it with at any of your nearest Aadhar enrollment centers.

FAQs About Aadhar Seeding with UAN

Can I withdraw PF online without Aadhar card

No, it is not possible to withdraw your PF amount online without linking your Aadhar number with your UAN.
At present in very rare cases EPFO will accept offline claims if you submit EPF composite claim form non-Aadhar. But remember at present EPFO is focussing more on the online claim, so better try to link your Aadahr with your UAN.

Is Aadhar mandatory for UAN Creation

Yes, Aadhar is mandatory for UAN creation. If you don’t provide your Aadhar number to your employer then they can’t create a PF account for you.

What happens if I don’t activate UAN

If you don’t activate your UAN, then you can’t withdraw PF online, you can’t see your PF balance details, etc and you can’t even link your KYC also.
For all these things you need to login into the UAN portal. For that, you need to activate your UAN in any case.

Can I seed my aadhar with my PF without employer

No, your KYC like Aadhar, bank details, and PAN must be approved by your employer with their digital signature. Without their approval Aadhar, PF seeding process will not complete

How much time will it take to seed my Aadhar with my UAN

It takes few minutes for both employee and employer.

Can I remove my seed aadhar in PF

No, it is not possible. The option is not yet present. You can only change your bank account details as many times as you want. But for that also you need your employer’s approval.


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