What is Pending at DA Account Means in EPF


What is Pending at DA Account Means in EPF

In EPF DA means Dealing Assistant, he is the first person who will check your PF claim when you apply for it. Once DA approves your PF claim then your claim will be sent to the AO (Accounts Officer), after approval of AO, your claim will be sent to CO ( Cash Officer). Cash officer deposits your EPF claim amount into your bank account through NEFT.

Pending at DA Account Means in EPF

Once your claim is approved by the dealing assistant (DA) then the chances of your claim rejection are very low. So if your claim status is showing as pending at DA then don’t worry soon your PF amount will be credited to your bank account.

What if DA (Dealing Assistant) rejects PF claim

If your claim is rejected by the DA then your claim status will be changed to rejected, and the reason for rejection will be mention in the PF claim status portal. Based on the reason of rejection you need to rectify and need to proceed further.

Here are some reasons for rejection of your claim by DA

  • Mismatch of your details on the PF account and bank passbook or cheque.
  • If the name is not printed on uploaded cheque.
  • If PAN and form 15g not submitted for eligible cases.

Other reasons where DA approves your claim but claim don’t settle

As I said earlier there are very few chances to reject PF claims once approved by DA. But if you have provided inoperative bank account numbers then your claim amount will not reach the bank account and the amount will be returned to your PF account, in that case, your claim status will be changed to claim settled but returned.

In that case, correct your bank account details at the UAN member portal and after approval of your employer reclaim your PF amount.

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