What is Employee ID Number Format & How to Create

Employee ID numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each employee in an organization. They are used to track employee information, such as payroll, benefits, and attendance. An employee ID number format typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers that are assigned to each employee. The format of the employee ID number can vary from organization to organization, but typically includes the employee’s name, date of birth, and a unique identifier.

Creating an employee ID number format is an important step in setting up an employee tracking system. It is important to ensure that the format is consistent and easy to remember. The format should also be secure and difficult to guess. Additionally, it should be easy to update and maintain. When creating an employee ID number format, it is important to consider the size of the organization, the type of information that needs to be tracked, and the security measures that need to be taken.

An employee ID number is a unique numerical identifier assigned to each employee in an organization. It is typically used to track employee information such as payroll, benefits, and attendance.

The format of an employee ID number can vary from organization to organization. Some organizations use a combination of letters and numbers, while others use only numbers. Some organizations may also include the employee’s name or initials in the ID number.

To create an employee ID number, you will need to decide on a format and then assign each employee a unique number. It is important to ensure that each employee has a unique ID number so that it can be easily tracked and identified. You may also want to consider using a system that automatically generates employee ID numbers.

An employee number is a unique identifying number assigned to the employee. There is no fixed format for creating employee numbers. You can use all digits (or) a mix of alphabets and digits. E.g., 4565011 (or) HDFC0123.

There is no limit on the total number of alphabets/ numbers in an employee ID. But most companies use 6-9 characters in employee IDs.

The employee ID number is also called as employee code, it will be printed on the ID cards. Employee ID numbers help employers easily identify/filter the data of any employee in the organization. These ID numbers are mostly used for payroll and attendance purposes.

What is The Important of an Employee ID Number

  1. Employee identification: Id numbers are unique, they are used to identify and differentiate employees from each other within the organization.
  2. Payroll processing: Employee id numbers are used to manage the salaries of the employees. It helps to track the working hours, overtime, and leaves.
  3. Attendance tracking: Employee id number is used to track the attendance of employees such as their working days, leaves, and late comings.
  4. Access control: Employee id number is used for security reasons as well. It restricts the entry of outsiders into the organization. Based on employee id numbers some employees are allowed to enter into sensitive areas of the workplace such as labs, data centers, etc.

Employee ID numbers are also used to track performance appraisals, internal communication, compliance tracking, and full and final settlements.

Employee ID Number Examples:

(“X” = Digit)

Company Name Employee ID Number Number of Characters
TCS 71XX52 6
HCL 42152XXX6 8
Bajaj Finserv BJ52XX 6 (Alphanumeric)
HDFC Bank D24XX 5 (Alphanumeric)
ICICI Bank 33XX12 6
SBI 74XX512 7
Maruthi Suzuki 62XX25 6

How to Generate Employee ID Number

Employee ID numbers will be generated in different ways, they can be generated using Excel or HR and people management software.

Employers should use a fixed template of ID numbers, it makes it easy to generate new ID numbers for newly joined employees.

Based on the instructions given in the Excel formulas (or) HR software, the new employee IDs will generate automatically.


1. Is employee ID confidential?

It is better to keep employee IDs confidential to avoid any misuse.

2. Where can I find my employee ID number?

ID numbers are present on employee ID cards and payslips.

3. Is the Employee ID number and code are same?

Yes, both are the same.

4. Is the Employee ID and PF member ID the same?

No, both are different. PF member ID is a separate number given to employees who contribute to the EPF scheme.


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