What is Client ID, DP ID, and Trading ID in Zerodha


What is Client ID, DP ID, and Trading ID in Zerodha


If you are using Zerodha then you need to know about the client id, DP id, and trading ID. They will be required when you are filling any application forms related to Zerodha. For example, if you want to close your Zerodha account then you need to fill the Zerodha account closure form, on this form you need to mention your client id, DP id, and client id.

What is Trading ID in Zerodha

Trading ID is login ID which you use it to login in Zerodha Kite dashboard, when you first time receive a welcome mail from Zerodha then you will find your trading ID.

You can easily find your trading ID on top right hand side of your Zerodha Kite dashboad and the same you can find in Zerodha console dashboard as client ID.

What is DP ID and Client ID

Every Demat account has a 16 digit unique account number issued by depositories of India like NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd) and CDSL (Central Depositories Services India Ltd). The Demat account number in the case of CDSL is also known as BO ID ( Beneficiary Owner ID).

The first 8 digits of the Demat account number are known as DP id and the remaining 8 digits are known as a client ID or BO ID in Zerodha. You can find them in the Zerodha console dashboard.

Go to Zerodha Console —> Open My Account —> Click on Demat

The DP ID for Zerodha is common for everyone who opened their account after 15th September 2015, it is 12081600. For users who opened their account before 15 September 2015 then their DP ID is IN300095.

Observe the below image to identify DP ID and client ID in Zerodha

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