What Are Your Strengths? Best Answers for Freshers


When attending an interview, you must prepare with at least 3 of your strengths and 1 or 2 weaknesses. Because what are your strengths and weaknesses? is the most commonly used interview question. The question looks simple but difficult to answer if you don’t prepare before.

Examples: My strengths are effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership.
My weakness is public speaking, which I am trying to overcome.

List of Strengths & Weaknesses

S No Strengths Weaknesses
1 Communication Perfectionism
2 Leadership Public speaking
3 Networking Delegation
4 Problem-solving Lack of experience
5 Creativity Imposter syndrome
6 Time management Anxiety
7 Detail oriented Procrastination
8 Software expertise ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder)
9 Analytical skills OCD (Obsessive Complsive Order)
10 Team Player Self-esteem
11 Presentation skills Self-criticism
12 Critical thinking Multitasking
13 Customer service Overthinking
14 Conflict resolution Attention to details
15 Adaptability Creative writing
16 Writing Group discussion
17 Attention to details Difficulty with confrontation
18 Persistence Impatience
19 Self-control Restlessness
20 Will power Nervousness
21 Composure Excessive worrying
22 Continuous learning
23 Self-motivated
24 Hard work and dedication
25 Good listener
26 Ability to take initiative
27 Positive attitude
28 Honesty and integrity
29 Loyalty
30 Enthusiasm

Best Answers to Describe Your Strengths for Freshers

Sample Answer 1 (Communication)

My greatest strength is communication, which enables me to effectively share my ideas, thoughts, and plans. This allows me to effectively convey my vision and ideas to my team members and motivate them.

I am good at both verbal and written communication, and it is my biggest strength, which I have learned throughout my experience. This helps me maintain a positive relationship with my clients and colleagues.

Sample Answer 2 (Leadership)

I believe I am a natural leader. It allows me to motivate and lead my team to achieve goals. I am capable of identifying the strengths of my team members and inspiring them by providing clear directions. However, whatever my position, I always consider myself a leader in my job, it makes me more responsible.

Sample Answer 3 (Networking)

I developed good networking skills during my previous roles. This enables me to discuss the business with industry leaders and any other prominent or relevant clients. Networking allows me to build long-lasting personal relationships with anyone I meet.

Sample Answer 4 (Problem-Solving)

I am a good problem solver, which makes me analyze the problem, and take the right decision and action to implement the best solution in the shortest time possible.

Sample Answer 6 ( Time Management)

I am good at time management. It enables me to deliver quality work on time. I make sure to prioritize my tasks and finish them in order. Despite tight deadlines, my time management skills make me feel less stressed and anxious.

Sample Answer 7 (Detail Oriented)

I am a detail-oriented person, which gives me the ability to work on tasks with great attention and focus. This reduces the number of errors so that I can provide high-quality work.

Sample Answer 8 (Software Expertise)

I am proficient in [Programming language/technologies]. This gives me the ability to do research and deliver efficient projects on time. I can also identify and fix any technical errors. I am constantly updated with the latest trends.

Sample Answer 9 (Analytical Skills)

I have strong analytical skills. This leads me to better decision-making and increases my work efficiency. I use my logical reasoning, critical thinking, and data analysis to solve complex problems in a simple way, this saves both time and money.

Sample Answer 10 (Team Player)

I am a team player and enjoy working with others in order to complete tasks and goals. I love collaborating with other team members to meet deadlines and complete projects. I always believe that teamwork boosts productivity, unlocks potential for innovation, and enhances personal growth.

Best Answers to Describe Your Weaknesses

Sample Answer 1 (Perfectionism)

Despite doing my best, I still struggle with perfectionism. Occasionally, it causes me anxiety and depression. Gradually, I am improving my ability to handle it. Although, I believe that my perfectionism often leads to the best output for me.

Sample Answer 2 (Public Speaking)

I’m afraid of speaking in public. To overcome it, I am reading books and taking online courses. I am sure that I will overcome the fear of public speaking with time and practice.

Sample Answer 3 (Delegation)

I struggle in the delegation. Whenever it comes to important work, I prefer to do everything myself and don’t trust others. My goal is to delegate tasks that I am not skilled at. I am hoping to improve with time and experience.

Sample Answer 4(Lack of experience)

I recently graduated and have no real-time work experience. Since I am a quick learner, I will soon gain the experience and skills required for this job. I am also enthusiastic about learning new things.

Sample Answer 5 (Imposter Syndrome)

I had imposter syndrome, which caused me to be afraid of my success. I understood the disadvantages of it. I came to the realization that I should be proud of my achievements and celebrate my hard work. It keeps me confident.

Sample Answer 6 (Multi-Tasking)

Occasionally, I attempt to handle too many tasks at once, resulting in a loss of focus. I am working on this and am learning to prioritize my tasks and delegate certain tasks if required.

Sample Answer 7 (Procrastination)

Sometimes I become bored with repetitive tasks. I am learning to overcome this problem. I am trying to set deadlines for each of my tasks and reward myself whenever I finish the work.

Sample Answer 8 (OverThinking)

I used to overthink a lot. It leads to stress, but slowly I am getting rid of overthinking and starting to believe in my efforts. I have shifted my attention to things I can manage and stopped listening to negative thoughts.

Sample Answer 9 (Attention to Detail)

I am a detail-oriented person who takes long hours to complete tasks. At times, it benefits me and at other times it hurts me.

Sample Answer 10 (Self-Criticism)

I value perfection, which is why I always become more critical of my work, even if it’s decent. I am working on it, and I am appreciating and rewarding myself for every accomplishment I have made. I am enhancing my self-assurance abilities to overcome my self-doubt.


1. What are some tips to describe strengths in the interview?

i. Be honest about your strengths
ii. Choose strengths related to the job
iii. Prepare before the interview
iv. Provide examples
v. Be confident

2. What are some tips to describe weaknesses in the interview?

i. Focus on areas of weakness that do not impact your job performance
ii. Turn your weakness into strength
iii. Inform that you are working to overcome the weakness
iv. Don’t over-emphasize your weaknesses
v. End with a positive point

3. What are 3 good strengths for a job?

Communication, Problem-solving, and Teamwork.

4. Why do companies ask about my strengths and weaknesses?

Employers are interested in finding out how self-aware you are about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s crucial to be smart in answering this question without damaging your reputation, so make sure to prepare well.

5. Can I tell, my real weaknesses in job interviews?

Answering this question requires you to be smart. If your weaknesses affect your job, you should avoid them. It’s important to turn every weakness you mention into strength.

6. What are the 3 best weaknesses that I can tell in the interview?

Perfectionism, Public speaking, and Delegation

What are your strengths and weaknesses examples for freshers



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