What are establishment id extension and account number in PF


What are establishment id extension and account number in PF

Every PF account number has the same format, which consists of region code, office code, establishment code, establishment extension, and PF member id. Here the Three digits followed by the establishment code are known as establishment extension. In most cases, establishment extension consists of Three Zeroes, but for some establishments, the last Zero will be replaced by any Alphabet like A, B, C …. etc.

Where as account number is last 7 digits of the PF number format followed by the establishment extension, it it the actual PF member ID of the EPF member.


For example, in PF Code KDMAL00456780000009123 the Three Zeroes (000) will be the establishment id extension. Like this, you can also find your PF establishment extension from your PF account number format.

In the above example last 7 digits 0009123 is the account number or PF member id of the employee.

establishment id extension and account number in PF

Use of Establishment ID Extension & Account Number

  • These are required when you are filling any PF related forms, wherein the PF account number format you need to mention establishment extension and PF account number
  • Some times when you forgot your UAN number then you can find your forgotten UAN by using your PF umber at the UAN portal, there you need to enter PF establishment extension and account number.
what is establishment id extension and account number in pf

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