Warning Letters for Careless in Work ( in Word Format)


Companies issue warning letters to employees who fail to follow their superiors’ instructions (or) company procedures. A warning letter is a formal way for the employer to notify the employees of their negligence in the workplace.

If the employee does not rectify the mistake, it could lead to termination or affects the appraisal.

Simple Warning Letter for Carelessness Work

The Employee’s Name,
Employee ID,

Sub: Warning letter for failure to follow instructions.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

It has come to our attention on several occasions that you are not following the instructions of the organization. It is an indication of your negligence at work.

Even if you have already been reprimanded, you still show carelessness in the workplace.

If you continue to do so, severe measures will be taken against you. Look at this as your first and last warning.

HR Manager’s Name,

warning letter for carelessness in work

First Warning Letter for Carelessness in Work

Sub: Notice of Negligence at Work.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

You have been found to be very irresponsible in your duties. You do not follow instructions from your concerned authorities and become absent with no intimation.

You are hereby advised to submit a written explanation about this matter. Kindly treat this as a first warning. Strict action will be taken against you if you still continue such behavior.

We hope such a situation does not arise.

HR Manager Name,

Final Warning Letter for Carelessness in Work

Sub: Final notice of negligence at work.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

This is a final reprimand for your careless work. We have talked to you several times about your negligence on the job and a warning letter has also been sent to you.

However, there remains no change in your behavior. We are continuously hearing that you are not following company procedures at work.

As per the company’s discipline policy, it is a serious offense. This should be a final warning and if you repeat such behavior, you will be fired with no further notice.

We also suggest you submit a written explanation of this.

HR Manager’s Name,

Warning Letter for Not Following Instructions

Sub: Warning letter for not following instructions.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

It has come to our attention that you did not follow the instructions of your concerned authority about ……………………… project. This resulted in negative feedback from clients.

This is not a good signal for you and the company. Respond immediately on this matter and provide a letter of explanation.

And take appropriate measures to prevent such behavior.

Failure to do so will subject you to severe disciplinary action.

For the “Company Name”,
Authorized Signatory.

Warning letter for not following instructions in Word format

Warning Letter for Making Mistakes

Sub: Warning letter for mistakes in work.

Dear Mr./Ms [Employee Name],

It’s to make you aware that there are so many mistakes in your work. Your reports do not comply with corporate standards.

This must be because you are not focussing properly or neglecting your job.

You should provide a written explanation of the issue.

If we again observe any such mistakes in your work, it may lead to severe action against you.

HR Manager Name,

Warning Email for Careless Work

Sub: Warning letter for careless work.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Employee Name],

We notice that you constantly neglect your work, spend time on social media, and have conversations during work hours.

If you do not wish to work, you can immediately resign. If you want to continue working here, you should change your behavior and pay attention to your work.

This should be your first and final warning, and you are further advised to provide an explanation on this matter.

HR Manager’s name.



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