w Linux Commands – Overview with Examples and FAQs


The Linux command w is a command line utility that provides information about the users currently logged into a system. It displays a list of all users currently logged in, their login name, the time they logged in, the processes they are running, and the system load averages for the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes. This command is useful for system administrators who need to monitor user activity on a system.


1. ls: Lists the contents of a directory.

Example: ls -l

2. cd: Changes the current working directory.

Example: cd /home/user/Documents

3. mv: Moves or renames a file or directory.

Example: mv file1.txt file2.txt

4. rm: Removes a file or directory.

Example: rm -rf directory

5. chmod: Changes the permissions of a file or directory.

Example: chmod 755 file.txt

6. grep: Searches for a pattern in a file or multiple files.

Example: grep -i “pattern” file.txt

7. find: Searches for files in a directory hierarchy.

Example: find / -name “*.txt”

8. tar: Creates or extracts files from an archive.

Example: tar -xvf archive.tar

9. ssh: Establishes a secure connection between two computers.

Example: ssh user@hostname

10. wget: Downloads files from the internet.

Example: wget http://example.com/file.zip


The following command can be used to generate an article with HTML tags on Linux:

`lynx -dump -force_html .html > .html`

This command will take the HTML file specified in the argument and generate an article with HTML tags in the argument. The lynx command is a text-based web browser that can be used to view web pages and generate HTML documents.

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