Visitor Gate Pass Format in Excel Free Download


Visitor Gate Pass Format in Excel Free Download


Visitor gate pass is required when a visitor wants to meet another person who is working in a company. In general security, officers will issue the gate pass to the outsider while entering into the main gate by asking the details of the visitor and also the name of the person to whom he wants to meet in the office.

Gate pass consists the name of the company, name of the visitor, address of the visitor, purpose of the visit, date, in time & out time, the signature of the visitor, signature of the security officer and name & signature of the staff person to whom the visitor is meeting.

After visiting the concerned person, the visitor needs to take the signature of that person on the gate pass.

Visitor gate pass can be prepared in Excel format or Word format or PDF format. Here you can find the best and simple visitor gate pass in all the above Three formats.

Visitor Gate Pass Format in Excel

The Excel format of visitor gate pass is easy to use and easy to edit, you just need to enter your company name and remaining details has to be filled at the time of visit of the visitor. Here is the gate pass excel format.

Visitor Gate Pass Format Excel Free Download

Things to consider while issuing gate pass to visitors

  1. Always train your security officers about the importance of gate pass.
  2. Never forget to take the mobile number and signature of the visitor.
  3. Make sure the visitor has taken the signature of the staff person after completing the visit.
  4. Even though the visitor is known face still gate pass is mandatory.
  5. Make sure the correct in time and out time has mentioned on the gate pass.
  6. Make sure the security officer is signing the gate pass after checking the details mentioned on it by the visitor.
  7. Always keep the gate passes records for at least one year.


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