Virgin Hub 3 Lights: What They Mean & How to Fix Issues

The Virgin Hub 3 lights are a series of LED lights that indicate the status of your Virgin Hub 3 router. The lights can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your internet connection.

The lights on the Virgin Hub 3 are divided into three categories: Power, Internet, and Wi-Fi. The Power light indicates whether the router is powered on or off. The Internet light indicates whether the router is connected to the internet. The Wi-Fi light indicates whether the router is broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal.

If any of the lights are not lit, it could indicate an issue with your router. If the Power light is not lit, make sure the router is plugged in and the power switch is turned on. If the Internet light is not lit, check your internet connection and make sure it is working properly. If the Wi-Fi light is not lit, make sure the Wi-Fi is enabled on the router and that the correct password is being used.

If you are still having issues with your Virgin Hub 3 lights, you can contact Virgin Media customer service for further assistance.

If you are wondering what the Virgin Hub 3 lights are all about, this article is for you. 

Also known for its longer name, the Virgin Media 3.0 Hub is a powerful internet router that comes with Virgin Media broadband packages. It’s capable of connecting multiple devices to the internet simultaneously and has an easy-to-use web interface with a range of advanced settings to help you configure your setup.

One of the most noticeable features of the Virgin Media Hub 3 is the series of lights on its front. These indicator LEDs provide you with quick visual feedback about the status of your connection. They can tell you whether your network is actively online or if something is amiss.

Understanding the meaning of the Virgin Hub 3 lights can be immensely helpful in troubleshooting issues you may encounter with your internet service. In this overview article, we’re going to explore the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 lights and explain what they mean, and how to address any problem that these lights are telling you. 

Making Sense Of Your Virgin Media Router Lights

When setting up your Virgin Media 3.0 Hub, you might wonder what the lights signify. This makes sense, as you need to know what the lights mean to use the router to its fullest extent. Without understanding them, it will be more difficult to troubleshoot if and when something goes wrong. 

virgin hub 3 lights - featured image

The Virgin Media Hub features four (4) lights on the front: a Wi-Fi symbol, a two arrows symbol, a WPS button, and the base light or power indicator. Let’s look closer at each one and its meaning:

1. The Wi-Fi Symbol Light 

The topmost light is the universal symbol for Wi-Fi. It will illuminate when your Hub’s wireless network activates. It displays a steady white or green light if everything is running smoothly. 

If the Wi-Fi light is flashing red, it indicates that there is a problem either with (a) your connection settings, (b) your Wi-Fi itself, or (c) the Hub is in modem mode. The modem mode is a feature that allows you to turn your Hub into a cable modem, letting you connect your own WIFI kit to it.   

2. The Two Arrows Symbol Light

The two arrows symbol will light up green when your Hub is properly connected to the internet. But, if it’s red, it’s likely that there’s an internet connection problem or a network problem going on. In other words, this light is your indicator of whether you have an active internet connection or not.

Now, if you notice that the internet LED on the Virgin Media Hub is flashing green, but there’s no internet, this is because the Hub is downloading firmware automatically. Do not terminate the upgrade procedure or attempt to restart your router. Wait patiently until the green flashing LED stops.

3. The WPS Button 

If you have not touched the WPS button, then you should simply see white lettering that says “Pair WPS” within a gray/black button background. As soon as you click on this button, it’s going to light up to show that you can securely connect devices to the Virgin Media Hub without needing to enter your Wi-Fi password. 

4. The Power Indicator Light

When you turn on the Virgin Media Hub, the base light should illuminate and stay on (until you turn it off). This is the Hub’s power indicator light, which is white under normal working conditions.

If there is an issue with the power supply or the hardware itself, it’s going to change to a steady red. If there is no base light on, it means that the Hub is off completely or no electrical power is coming in.

Virgin Media Hub 3.0 power off

5 Errors Your Virgin Hub 3 Lights Indicate & How To Troubleshoot Them

After going through the meaning of each Virgin Media Hub 3.0 light, let’s discuss some of the most common error notifications that these lights tell you. 

No matter what modem or router you have, for example, a Verizon or Xfinity modem, a blinking light indicates an incomplete connection. Usually, it means your modem is still establishing a connection and it will stop in a minute. But if the flashing persists for a considerable amount of time, it could mean that it has a lingering issue that you need to troubleshoot.

We will cover what errors the Hub’s indicator lights can tell you, and how to troubleshoot them.

1. The Base Power Light Is White, But the Wi-Fi Is Flashing Red

When the base power light is a steady white, but the Wi-Fi light is flashing red, it means that the Hub isn’t sharing Wi-Fi because it’s in modem mode. This is a selection that is enabled manually within your Virgin Media Dashboard. There are a few ways to disable it: 

a) Disable Modem Mode In Hub Settings Dashboard

  • In a browser address bar, type in – this is the modem mode IP address.
  • Hit next, then type in the settings password. This is found on the base of your Hub.
  • The settings password is NOT your Wi-Fi password.
  • Head into Hub Settings → Modem Mode → Enable Router Mode/Disable Modem Mode.
  • Apply changes.
  • The Hub will reboot, and you’ll have your Wi-Fi back. 

b) Reboot Your Hub

  • Switch off your Hub at the wall socket. Wait for 30-60 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes for the Hub to reboot itself. 
  • The power light should turn solid white when it’s ready to go. 

3. Factory Reset Your Hub

  • Make sure the Hub is on both at the wall socket, and on the power button at the back of the Hub.
Virgin Hub 3 ports and reset button
  • Use a pen to press the reset button, and hold it for 10 seconds. 
  • Allow the Hub to reboot itself. This could take 5-10 minutes.
  • When it’s ready, a solid white power light should show. 

You can find more information about modem mode, rebooting, or resetting the Hub via a factory reset, by visiting the link attached. 

2. White Power Light/Yellow Power Light

If your Virgin Media 3’s power lights are steady white or yellow, the Hub is online and working as it should. But, if you find your Hub in any of these states, but you’re having trouble connecting devices to the Wi-Fi, then there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. 

a) Check Network Name & Password

  • Double-check that you’re selecting the right network name from the internet list.
  • Double-check that you’re inputting the correct Wi-Fi password. 

b) Check For Service Problems In Your Region

  • You can check the service status of your Hub by heading here, and entering your account details. This will help tell you if there are problems in your specific region.

3. Your Virgin Media Router is Flashing a Green Power Light But Has No Wi-Fi Internet

It means your Hub is on, but your WIFI is likely not working. If this is the case, the green flashing power light indicates a loose connection. For this, double-check if all cables are connected firmly to the Hub and into your wall socket. If you are using a splitter or range extender, make sure that these are firmly connected as well.  

4. White Power Light is On But the Internet Light (Two Arrows) is Flashing Red

If you see that the base light (power indicator) is a steady white, but your internet light is flashing red, this means that your Hub needs to reboot itself.

For this, simply switch the Hub’s power supply off at the wall, and wait for 30-60 seconds. Then switch it back on. Then, wait for 5-10 minutes for the Hub to start up. Once the power white goes solid white, check if the internet light is no longer flashing red. 

5. Base Light (Power Indicator) is a Solid Red

Virgin Hub 3.0 red power light

If you notice that the base light is a solid red, this indicates that the Hub is overheating or there is a problem with the hardware. The Virgin Media Hub shuts off automatically if it gets too hot to prevent damage from occurring.  

red power light on Virgin Media Hub 3.0

If you regularly get a solid red base light, move the Hub to a spot with better ventilation. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the vent holes on the back and sides of the Hub. If this does not fix the issue, contact customer support and see if you can get a replacement Hub. 

FAQ: Additional Questions Asked By Virgin Media Hub 3 Owners

1. How Do I Know My Connection Is Working Properly? 

If all three lights are lit up, it means that you have a good connection to the router with an active internet connection. If any of them are not lit or aren’t lit in their usual colors, then there may be an issue with your network connection or internet service. Try resetting your router or contacting Virgin Media customer support for further assistance.

2. What Does WPS Pair Mode Do? 

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Pair Mode provides quick and secure access to Wi-Fi networks by allowing users to pair compatible devices without entering long passphrases or security keys. It enables devices such as computers, printers, and gaming consoles to connect quickly and securely to a wireless network by pressing a button on both their device and router.

3. How Do I Know If My ISP Is Just Out Of Service?

You can check the status of your ISP’s services by visiting their website or calling their customer support line directly. This will allow you to confirm any current outages affecting their services so you can take steps to restore service more quickly once it’s back online.

4. Where Do I Find My Dashboard Password?

Your dashboard password is usually located somewhere on the bottom of your Hub’s base. Refer to the manual provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more information about finding this password.

5. What Does a Factory Reset Do To My Router?

A factory reset restores a router’s settings, including its passwords and security key, to its factory defaults. This will erase all personalized settings such as passwords, custom networks, and firewall configurations, allowing users to begin setting up their routers from scratch once again upon reboot.

Virgin Hub 3 Lights, Explained!

There you have it! We just demystified the meaning of the Virgin Hub 3 lights! If you find this article helpful in understanding the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 lights and were able to fix any related problems, please share a comment below. We’d love to hear from you, and help you address any outstanding technical issues.

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