Universal Account Number (UAN) Example


Universal Account Number (UAN) Example


EPF members who are contributing to the employee provident fund scheme will get a 12 digital UAN (Universal Account Number). Employees can have multiple PF accounts (member ids) but all those multiple PF account numbers should be linked with only one UAN number.

Every EPF member should continue the same UAN whenever they join in a new job i.e whenever an employee joins in a new job then he/she should give his/her UAN to the new employer so that they will create a new PF account for that same UAN.

UAN (Universal Account Number) Example

Here are the examples of UAN number, even your UAN number will also look like this but numbers will change.

  • 100904319456
  • 100985112956
  • 100920263757
  • 100896312605
  • 100296386154
  • 100419534363
Universal Account Number (UAN) Example

Benefits of UAN Number

It becomes easy to track multiple PF accounts of EPF members at the UAN member portal.

UAN number is required to withdraw the PF amount online. By using UAN number EPF members can submit PF withdrawal forms like form 19, 10C, 31, and 10D in the UAN member portal.

EPF members can view all their PF passbook at the PF passbook portal by using their UAN number and UAN portal password.

UAN number is required for online transfer of PF from old company to new company.

By using UAN, EPF members can raise their complaints in the EPF grievance portal. Without UAN it is not possible to use the EPF grievance portal.

How to Get UAN

Every EPF member from whose salary the PF is deducted will have UAN, you can get that UAN by asking your employer or you can also find it online at the UAN member portal by using your PF account number or Aadhar number or PAN.

Even though the employee worked long back and left the job, still his PF account will have UAN. If you forgot your UAN then read this article on how to find forgot UAN number online.

UAN (Universal Account Number) FAQs

Is UAN number and PF account number are same

No, both are different. UAN is a 12 digit unique number whereas the PF account number is 22 digits unique number. All the PF account number of an employee must be linked to one UAN.

Can I have multiple UAN numbers

There is no use of having multiple UAN numbers, nowadays every UAN must be linked to the KYC of the employees. So it is better to have one UAN number. Having multiple UANs will create problems in the PF transfer and PF withdrawal process.

I have multiple UAN numbers, what to do

You can transfer your PF amount from your old UAN to a new UAN account in the UAN member portal. After that continue the new UAN whenever you join in a new job.

How to know UAN by sending SMS

To know UAN by sending SMS, your mobile number must be linked with your UAN account. If it is linked then send SMS to 7738299899 by typing EPFOHO UAN from your PF registered mobile number.

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