Top 10 Best Reasons for Emergency Leave to Miss Work


When an emergency arises, it can be difficult to know what to do. Do you stay at work and try to power through, or do you take an emergency leave of absence? Taking an emergency leave of absence can be a difficult decision, but it can also be the right one. Here are the top 10 best reasons for taking an emergency leave of absence from work. Knowing when to take an emergency leave of absence can help you manage your work-life balance and ensure that you are taking care of yourself and your family.

Top 10 Best Reasons for Emergency Leave to Miss Work

1. Severe illness or injury.
2. Death in the family.
3. Pregnancy complications.
4. Severe weather conditions.
5. Jury duty.
6. Military service.
7. Court appearances.
8. Medical appointments.
9. Home or car repairs.
10. Relocation or travel for a family emergency.

Emergency leaves are the leaves which will be taken without any planning. It is a very normal thing that every employee will do in every organization. Every time an employee can’t tell the actual reason of leave to the boss. Sometimes we need to lie about the leave reason, for example when you are going for an interview then you can’t tell your present employer about that, so in that case you need to tell a lie about the reason.

Here I have listed some top 10 best emergency leave reasons which may help you, some of these reasons may sound silly but still help you in getting emergency leave.

1. Going for Blood Donation

If you tell your boss that you are going to donate blood for someone then they won’t stop you at any case from taking the leave. But you should be very careful about the reason for donating blood and place of blood donation.

2. Children or Family Members are Sick

Taking leave by telling that family members are sick is another most common reason that most of the employees are telling to their bosses to take emergency leave. So you can also use this reason to take an emergency leave.

3. Feeling Sick

You can also take emergency leave by telling that you are not feeling well. You can tell that suddenly you got a fever or severe headache or stomach ache etc.

4. On Emergency Tour

Everybody in their life has some emergency tours which they don’t plan earlier. So any boss can understand if you tell them that you are going for an emergency tour it may be due to the health problem of any of your relatives.

5. Family Property Dispute

It sounds silly but it is a valid reason. property disputes are common in every family, so you can use this reason effective to take emergency leave.

6. Sudden Visit of Relatives

What you do if your relatives visit you suddenly, you must allot some time to spend your time with them. For example, if any of your relatives comes to your city for medical purpose or educational purpose then you will tray to help the. So even though they don’t come still you can tell this reason for taking emergency leave.

7. Attending Parent-Teacher Meeting in School

If you are a parent then you can use this reason. Because anyone can understand that education of children is very important so no boss can stop you from taking emergency leave when you tell that you are attending a parent-teacher meeting in school.

8. Met with a Minor Accident

Use this reason as a final option, because when you tell your boss that you met with an accident, then on the next day you need to show some proofs which may be either wounds or damaged vehicle parts.

9. Searching for Rent House

You can tell this reason when you are new to a job or newly arrived to work in a city or your present house owner wants you to vacate the house. Nowadays getting a rented house is not that easy. So your boss can easily understand your problem and sure he will give his approval for the emergency leave.

10. Someone’s Death

Finally, you can take leave by telling a reason of the death of a distant relative or friend of a friend. These are the widely used reasons for employees to take emergency leave. And no boss will ask you further details when you are attaining the final rituals of a person until and unless you use this reason regularly.

Finally, honesty is the best policy, it is always advisable to take leave by telling the actual reason. Because every time when you tell a lie then you need to cover it up with multiple layers of additional lies.


Top 10 Best Reasons for Emergency Leave to Miss Work

  1. Illness or Injury
  2. Death in the Family
  3. Car Accident
  4. Court Appearances
  5. Medical Appointments
  6. Religious Observances
  7. Military Duty
  8. Bereavement Leave
  9. Natural Disasters
  10. Jury Duty
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