[Solved] shorten my code please

Assuming, you want to trigger the nested button $(‘.Icon Icon–retweet > .btn primary-btn retweet-action’).trigger(‘click’); If not, just set an id attribute by id=’mybutton’ to whichever element you want and use $(‘#mybutton’).trigger(‘click’); 0 solved shorten my code please

[Solved] How to get the trending topics of twitter with php? [closed]

I’m not sure you should be asking people to write code for you, but anyway, here you are. <?php $request = file_get_contents( ‘http://search.twitter.com/trends/current.json’ ); $json = json_decode( $request, true ); $trends = $json[ ‘trends’ ]; $keys = array_keys( $trends ); $trends = $trends[ $keys[ 0 ] ]; $trends = array( $trends[ 0 ][ ‘name’ ], … Read more