[Solved] Strange behavior with SELECT WHERE A=”$var” SQL [duplicate]

Since I raised the idea, I suppose I should illustrate the use of prepared statements. Using mysqli one would proceed as follows (assuming $connection has been successfully initialized): // The indentation here is purely a matter of personal preference $query = ‘SELECT business_name, vd.ID_Vendor, res.ID_RestaurantEstablishment FROM restaurant res INNER JOIN vendor_data vd ON vd.ID_Vendor = … Read more

[Solved] PHP cant connect to MySql (MySqli)

<?php $sql = new mysqli(‘′,’root’,’Qwert12345′,’plot_io_db’); //echo $sql->query(‘Select * From players’); ?> It will work. Just remove port from localhost ( 0 solved PHP cant connect to MySql (MySqli)

[Solved] How to stop form submission if email address is already available in MySQL db ? [closed]

To achieve this you will need ajax, you have two options on the username field you can have an onblur event, then call a function that will check the username in the database using the onblur event. <input name=”username” type=”text” id=”username” onBlur=”checkAvailability()”> The onblur event occurs when an object loses focus. The onblur event is … Read more