[Solved] how do I dynamically toggle a button image using different font-awesome images? [closed]

You can use simple boolean value in the component and *ngIf statement in HTML to show/hide necessary icon (or any other element), which will be based on that boolean value. You also need to add (click)=”isPlaying = !isPlaying” to that icons to trigger the state: HTML: <i class=”fa fa-play-circle” aria-hidden=”true” *ngIf=”!isPlaying” (click)=”isPlaying = !isPlaying”></i> <i … Read more

[Solved] Send/Receive byte[] via TCP Socket [closed]

Use the Socket class. There is no Poll method, however there are other methods that can be used to check the socket status. For example, you can use Socket.isOutputShutdown() to check if the output stream is available (Whether it has been shutdown or not), and you can use Socket.getInputStream().available() to get the number of bytes … Read more

[Solved] How to implement currency conversion

Please change you code with below code [WebMethod] public decimal ConvertGOOG(decimal amount, string fromCurrency, string toCurrency) { WebClient web = new WebClient(); string apiURL = String.Format(“http://finance.google.com/finance/converter?a={0}&from={1}&to={2}”, amount, fromCurrency.ToUpper(), toCurrency.ToUpper()); string response = web.DownloadString(apiURL); var split = response.Split((new string[] { “<span class=bld>” }), StringSplitOptions.None); var value = split[1].Split(‘ ‘)[0]; decimal rate = decimal.Parse(value, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); return rate; … Read more

[Solved] How does one elegantly provide try-catch functionality to functions and methods which are listed within an array and are about to be executed/invoked?

The functions are not being executed “automatically,” they’re being executed because you’re explicitly calling them: const arr = [ { ‘Some text’: this.f(‘a’) }, // ^^^^^^^^^^^−−−−−−−−−−−−−− here { ‘Some other text’: this.f(‘b’) } // ^^^^^^^^^^^−−−−−−−− and here ] The result of the above is an array with two objects in it, where the first object … Read more