[Solved] Using Android Studio, how can I create a value which will increase its value by 1 every time a button is clicked? [closed]

you need to add a button to your .xml file like this : <Button android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:text=”Goal” android:layout_margin=”8dp” android:onClick=”add1ForTeamA” android:id=”@+id/Three_Button_B”/> then if you will notice that the android:onclick has been set to the add1ForTeamA method. Go to the mainActivity.java file and add this method `public void addOneForTeamA(View view) { scoreTeamA = scoreTeamA + 1; displayForTeamA(scoreTeamA); … Read more

[Solved] Sum from random list in python

There is a function combinations in itertools and it can be used to generate combinations. import random import itertools # Generate a random list of 30 numbers mylist = random.sample(range(-50,50), 30) combins = itertools.combinations(mylist, 3) interested = list(filter(lambda combin: sum(combin) == 0, combins)) print(interested) Note that the results from filter() and itertools.combinations() are iterables and … Read more

[Solved] Why does this multiplication cause an OverflowException?

I’m guessing that tsidx and StreamDataBlockSize are Integer types. The largest number an Integer type can hold is 2,147,483,647. The multiplication in brackets is then done expecting an integer result, but the answer is out of the range of Integer types. Change your code to .. Dim position As Long = hisFileHeader.StreamStartDataPosition + (CLng(TSIdx) * … Read more

[Solved] How can I get the file type of a download?

Put aside background transfer APIs, I think the first question actually you should know is “how to get the file extension from a download Uri”. For this,we need to consider several scenarios about the “Uri”. The download Uri does have a file extension followed, for example: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/Background-File-Downloader-a9946bc9/file/145559/1/BackgroundDownloader.zip. In this case, we can use Path.GetExtension method … Read more

[Solved] Determining what is returned from a go function

This part of the function signature is exactly what the function returns. (*PutRecordOutput, error) So this one will return a pointer to a PutRecordOutput plus an error (which by convention is returned as nil if no error occurred). If you look at the source code for the function, return statements will have to be consistent … Read more