[Solved] Where is the right place to register/enqueue scripts & styles

Why registering and queuing properly matters it should be in time – earlier than script/style is up for being output to page, otherwise it is too late; it should be conditional – otherwise you are loading stuff where you don’t need it and cause performance and functionality issues, for this you need WP environment loaded … Read more

[Solved] Is there a flowchart for WordPress loading sequence?

There is this rather in-depth explanation found at, Part 1 http://theme.fm/2011/09/wordpress-internals-how-wordpress-boots-up-2315/ Part 2 http://theme.fm/2011/09/wordpress-internals-how-wordpress-boots-up-part-2-2437/ Which also includes some diagrams/flowcharts. and… This is also just the start of understanding the WordPress initialization process to which also should include information about the template hierarchy, as well as inspecting which hooks are fired on which pages and when. … Read more

[Solved] Uninstall, Activate, Deactivate a plugin: typical features & how-to

There are three different hooks. They trigger in the following cases: Uninstall Deactivation Activation How-to trigger functions safely during the scenarios The following shows the right ways to safely hook callback functions that get triggered during the mentioned actions. As you could use this code in a plugin that uses plain functions, a class or … Read more

[Solved] What’s the preferred method of writing AJAX-enabled plugins?

the “safer and cleaner” way would be to use admin-ajax.php that comes with wordpress and wp_ajax hook to call your processing function from your plugin file and use wp-nonce to check the integrity of the call. for example: your ajax JQuery call would be <script type=”text/javascript” > jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var data = { action: ‘ACTION_NAME’, … Read more

[Solved] Allow HTML in excerpt

COMPLETE GUIDE TO EXCERPTS I’ve recently answered a few questions regarding excerpts, so I’m going to give a detailed explanation covering as much as I can. PREFACE There seems to be a couple of questions arising from this answer on where the code should go, and the answer is, it is really up to you … Read more

[Solved] Custom post types, taxonomies, and permalinks

Change slug in your post type arguments to products/%product_cat%, and slug in your taxonomy arguments to just products, then flush your rewrite rules. WordPress should now handle /products/my-product-cat/post-name/! Now finally, we need to help WordPress a little with generating permalinks (out of the box, it won’t recognise the permastruct tag %product_cat%): /** * Inject term … Read more

[Solved] $ not defined using jQuery in WordPress

You can wrap your javascript inside a self-invoking function, then pass jQuery as an argument to it, using $ as the local variable name. For example: (function($) { $(document).ready(function(){ $(“ul.vimeo_desc_feed li a”).click(function(){ alert($(this).attr(‘href’)); return false; }) }); }(jQuery)); should work as intended. If I remember correctly the WP-supplied version of jQuery (the one you get … Read more

[Solved] Is There a Difference Between Taxonomies and Categories?

Taxonomies, as previously described are a collective noun for the following category post_tag post_format link_category custom taxonomy The first four are built-in taxonomies, while custom taxonomies are taxonomies that are manually created by the user with register_taxonomy. Custom Taxonomies can be hierarchical (like the build-in taxonomy category) or not (like post tags) The categories and … Read more

[Solved] How to: Easily Move a WordPress Install from Development to Production?

@Insanity5902: Deployment of a WordPress site from one box to another has been a PITA since day one I started working with WordPress. (Truth-be-told it was a PITA with Drupal for 2 years before I started with WordPress so the problem is certainly not exclusively with WordPress.) It bothered me that every time I needed … Read more