[Solved] C programming code error

These: scanf(“%i”, y[i][j]); scanf(“%i”, d[i]); needs to be: scanf(“%i”, &y[i][j]); scanf(“%i”, &d[i]); as %i in the scanf expects an int*(address of the variable), not an int(value of the variable). Another problem is that you do division by zero here: inv[i][j] = co[i][j] / D; when D is zero. solved C programming code error

[Solved] How to save results from the game to text file [closed]

I’ve created a basic class for you that will save the wins to a text file and retrieve them from a text file. import java.io.File; import java.io.FileNotFoundException; import java.io.PrintWriter; import java.util.Scanner; public class WinsFileManager { String path = System.getProperty(“user.home”).replace(“\\”, “\\\\”) + “\\”; public int getWins(String fileName) { String fullPath = path + fileName; int wins … Read more

[Solved] How to grey out part of a form? [closed]

Thanks for improving your question. One approach you could take is to add a class to each professor option which indicates which majorID it’s associated with like this: <div class=”form-div”> <h3><label for=”prof”> Then Select Professor: </label> <br></h3> <select class=”form-input” id=”prof” name=”prof”> <?php foreach ($professors as $prof) { ?> <option class=”major-<?php echo $prof[‘majorID’]; ?>” value=”<?php echo … Read more

[Solved] C++ , variables , abstract/ virtual class

A few things. First name your functions sensible things, those names are gibberish and mean nothing to anyone on here. Second, you’re error is quite simple. The “Wolf” and “Animal” class do not need to re-declare “inicjatywa,” so long as they declare their inheritance of “Organizmy” to be public (as they have) the ‘outside world’ … Read more