Solution: Your Bank Account Number is being Verified from the Bank in the PF problem.


Solution: Your Bank Account Number is being Verified from the Bank in the PF problem.


With recent changes in the UAN member portal website, some EPF members who are trying to link their bank account details with their PF account are getting this message …

Your bank account number is being verified from the bank. After successful verification from the bank, it will be seeded against your UAN”

Your bank account number is being verified from the Bank. After successful verification from bank, it will be seeded against your UAN

If you get above message then you cannot delete the update request and your employer will also can’t see the employee bank details update request in their employer portal.

Until your bank details stay in the pending approval section till then you cannot be able to update details as well. 

Solution to this Problem

1. Whenever you see the above message then wait for 4-5 days, then your bank details will be visible in the approved section. (But still, you cannot able to withdraw PF online)

2. Now you need to re-update your bank details again on the UAN member portal and now you will see a message on the screen that your bank details are awaiting employer approval.

3. Now your employer can see your request in their employer PF portal, and after their approval, with the digital signature, your bank details will be linked with your PF account successfully.

(Or) If you request your employer then they will update and approve your bank details without your involvement in their employer PF portal.

Your Bank Account Number is being verified from the Bank in the PF

If your KYC details like Aadhar, PAN, or bank account details are not approved by your employer within 60 days from the date of employee request, then the seeded KYC will become invalid.

Hope EPFO will solve this problem soon so that in the coming days the EPF members will not face this problem

Other KYC related problems on UAN member portal

EPF KYC loading problem after updation

If you are facing a loading problem whenever you want to update your KYC on the UAN portal then try to do the same process in the Mozilla Firefox browser, it will solve your problem.

IFSC code verification problem on UAN portal

Make sure your banK IFSC code has 11 digits of the alphanumeric code. Due to recent bank mergers, some EPF members are facing this problem. So get the correct IFSC code from your bank and use that for the verification process.


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