Sample Email Formats to Employees About New Policy


Sample Email Formats to Employees About New Policy


Whenever the companies make changes to their policies then they have to inform those changes to all the employees working with them. Nowadays email is one of the best tools to circulate your message to every employee working in the organization.

In general companies make changes in policies like leave policy, travel policy, vacation policy etc.

How to Write New  Policy Email to Employees

1. Be clear in what you are writing about the policy change and take all the necessary approvals from management before circulating policy changes.

2. If possible mention the reason why the management has made the change to the previous policy.

3. Mention the date from which the new policy or changes will be implemented.

4. Be open for Two way communication, answer the queries of the employees regarding the policy changes.

5. Finally request the employees to adhere to the new policy changes.

Sample Email Formats to Employees About New Policy

Format 1 (For Leave Policy)

Sub: No carry forward of sick leaves

Dear all,

This is to inform all the employees of the ABC Pvt Ltd regarding a change in the leave policy. 

From today onwards the unused sick leaves will not be carried forward to the next year, and you all are aware that the company is providing 8 sick leaves for completion of One year of working period.

Hope all the employees should take note of this change.

Thanking you.



Format 2  (For Leave Policy)

Sub: Mandatory submission of leave letter.

Dear all,

This is to bring your kind notice that some employees are taking leaves without submitting any leave letter. But from today onwards no leaves will be approved without submission of a leave letter.

In case of emergency the employees are allowed to send  their leave request through email and they need to submit the physical leave request letter immediately on the day of return to their work.

Hope all the employees should adhere to this new change in the leave policy..

Thanking you.



Format 3 (Change in Vacation Policy)

Dear All,

Sub: Change in vacation policy.

Dear All,

This to inform all the employees of XYZ foundation that keeping in view of the last year COVID situation the management has made a change to the vacation policy.

From next year onwards the number of vacation leaves were reduced to 5 days from 7 days.

Hope all the employees will take a note regarding this change and contact the HR department for any further clarification.

Thanking you.



Format 4 (Change in Travel Policy)

Sub : Change in Pickup timings of Staff Bus

Dear all,

This is to inform all the employees that due to the recent changes in office timings, the pickup time of office buses were also changed.

From tomorrow onwards the staff bus will start picking up the employees from 7.30 am onwards instead of 8 am. So every one must reach their pickup location before 30 minutes to catch the staff bus.

For any further clarification kindly contact the transport department.

Thanking you.



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