Sample Complaint Letter to Labour Commissioner for Nonpayment of Salary


Sample Complaint Letter to Labour Commissioner for Nonpayment of Salary


When employees face problems with their employers then they can approach their regional labour department office to solve their problem. Employees can complain about any unethical behaviour of employer or nonpayment of salary or any job-related issues to the labour commissioner.

What are the Details We Need to Mention on Complaint Letter

  • Address of the labour department office. (You can find the address of your labour dept office in Google)
  • Name of the employee and name of the company in which the employee is working.
  • Working period of the employee in that company.
  • Reason for writing the complaint letter.
  • Date on which the complaint letter is submitting and finally the signature of the employee.

Note: Complaining about your employer to the labour commissioner will affect your relationship with your employer, so use this as a final option to solve your problem with your employer.

Here is a sample complaint letter format to labour commissioner which you can use it.

Complaint Letter Format 1 to Labour Commissioner


The labour Commissioner,

Address of the Labour Dept Office.

Sub: Complaint Letter for Non Payment of Salary

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I __________(name of the the employee, address) working as a  ____________(job designation) at ________________(company name, address) from __________.  For last month the company has given some sales targets to me, I have tried my level best to achieve them, but couldn’t able to achieve that due to market conditions.

But now the company has held my salary and they are telling me that whenever I fulfill the target then only my salary will be released.  Our company sales are not Zero, every month we are making some sales and I have also contributed to it.

But unfortunately this month I couldn’t able to achieve my sales target, I am not from a financially strong family, my family runs on my monthly salary only. so I‌ am requesting you to please solve my problem.

Thanking you.



Complaint Letter Format 2 to Labour Commissioner


The Labour Commissioner,

Address of the Labour Dept Office.


Name of the employee,

Address of the employee.

Sub: Complaint Letter.

Dear Sir/ Madam.

I‌ am working in ________________(company name, address), from __________, recently the management is forcing me to resign my job immediately and they are treating me rudely without any proper reason.

I requested them to give me a minimum of 3 months notice period so that I‌ can find a new job, but they are not listening to me. I am the only earning person in my family and if I leave my job suddenly then my entire family will be suffered.

So here I am requesting you to please help me in this situation.

Thanking you in advance.



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