Salary Slip for 30000 per Month in Excel & PDF (with Breakup)


Salary Slip for 30000 per Month in Excel & PDF (with Breakup)


If your salary is 30000 Rs per month, then your salary structure will consist 50-60% basic wage, 40% HRA (for non metro cities) and 50% (for metro cities), 1600 Rs for conveyance allowance, 1250 Rs for medical allowances, and remaining amount will be included in other allowances (or) special allowances.

Some companies may also provide extra allowances like leave travel allowances, entertainment allowance and flexi allowance etc.

When it comes to deductions it includes EPF, professional tax, medical insurance monthly premium etc…

Salary Slip for 30000 per month Example

Salary slip for 30000 Rs per month in India


In above salary slip format the basic wage taken as 50% of gross wage. so 50% of 30K is 15K.

House rent allowances are taken as 40% of basic wage. ( for non metro cities)

Conveyance allowances are fixed and 1600 Rs.

Medical allowances are also fixed and they are 1250 Rs.

PF was calculated on basic wage, 12% of basic wage is deducted from employee salary. 12% of 150000 is 1800 Rs.

Professional tax varies from state to state. Here is the professional tax slab rates for each state.


Is 30000 Rs per month is good salary?

Yes, it is a good salary. If you are living in a place where the cost of living is not too high, then you can live a decent life with 30K. But always try to increase the salary by learning new skills and also look for extra income sources.

How to invest my money if I earn 30000 per month?

Try to invest at least 10% of your monthly income in equity, you can choose any Nifty index fund or large-cap fund. Which will give you a good return on long run.

Should I pay PF if my salary is 30000 per month?

PF is calculated on the basic wage, not on gross wage. If your monthly basic wage is 15000 or less then you have to contribute to PF. If your basic wage is above 15K then you can contribute to PF up to 15K of your basic wage.

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