Request Letter to Bank for Signature Verification Format in Word


Request Letter to Bank for Signature Verification Format in Word


Verifying the signature by the bank is required to use your signature for various digital transactions. The purpose of verifying the signature is to avoid any suspicious activities associated with your bank account.

Sometimes the banks will also ask you to verify your signature when your sign changes. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly your signature style may change. In that case, your cheques will be rejected due to signature mismatch, then also you need to verify your signature in the bank.

Here you can find some sample request letter formats to the bank for verification of the signature.

Request Letter to Bank for Signature Verification Format

Format 1


The Branch Manager,

Bank Name,

Address of the bank.

Sub: Request to verify the signature.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I, Ch Subramanyam, maintaining savings account in your branch with account number 3212345687. I am writing this to request you to verify my signature so that I can use it for digital transactions.

And please let me know if I need to submit any further information or documents to verify my signature.

Thanking you.


Ch Subramanaym.

Signature: _______________

Mobile no: ________________

Format 2


The Branch Manager,

Bank Name,

Bank Address.

Sub: Signature verification request.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I. S Sunil Kumar has been running a bank account with A/C no: 456789654 in your bank. In recent times one of my cheques was rejected by claiming that mismatch of signature.

When I contacted about this with your branch they told me to submit a signature change form. Here I am submitting my signature change form along with this letter.

So please verify my signature in your bank records.

Thanking you.


S Sunil Kumar.

Signature change form example

You can get your signature change form either online or by visiting your bank’s branch.

FAQs Related to Signature Verification in Bank

How to verify my signature in bank

You can verify your signature in your bank by visiting the branch of the bank where you have your bank account. You should carry your ID proof such as Aadhar or PAN card. You can see and verify your signature after proving your identity.

How banks verify signature

Every bank has a signature capture software, by using that soft ware banks can easily identify whether the signature is original or not.

How to change my signature in the bank

To change your signature in the bank you ned to submit a signature change form. You can get that form in your bank’ branch or online.

What happens if I don’t verify my signature

If you don’t verify the signature, then your bank related transactions will be suspended, until you verify till then you can’t use the bank services.

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