Photocopy of Bank Passbook Not Attested by the Authorized Signatory Means in EPF Claim


Photocopy of Bank Passbook Not Attested by the Authorized Signatory Means in EPF Claim


If your PF claim is rejected by showing the reason as “Photocopy of bank passbook not attested by the Authorized signatory” then it means your bank passbook doesn’t have the stamp of the bank and bank officer signature.

(Or) some times if the details on your bank passbook and PF details don’t match then also you will get the above message. Like mis match of name spellings, difference in account number or IFSC code etc.

Bank passbooks will act as valid proofs only when the bank stamp and signature will present on the affixed photo of the account holder.

So if your passbook doesn’t consist of the stamp and signature of the bank then your PF claim will be rejected by showing the above message.


Visit your bank’s branch along with your bank passbook and ask the bank officer to put a stamp and sign on it. Once it is done then you can reclaim the PF amount by uploading the new image of your bank passbook.

Now your PF claim will not be rejected by the EPFO.


Why did I get a cancelled cheque or bank passbook not uploaded in the claim form message, even though I uploaded it?

EPFO shows some default PF claim rejection reasons. If your PF claim is rejected due to a bank passbook or cheque then it is common to get above message.

Can I submit bank statement instead of bank passbook for PF withdrawal

No, at present EPFO is not accepting an account statement as bank proof, you can submit only the image of your bank passbook or cheque image with name printed on it.

How can I claim my PF without passbook

Either you need to have your bank cheque or passbook to claim for withdrawal, without them you cannot be able to withdraw your PF amount.

How many times will it take to get a new bank passbook from the bank

Banks will provide a new bank passbook based on your request on the same day. You should carry your passport size photo to the bank to get a bank passbook.

Which format of bank passbook image should I upload

EPF will accept only JPG or JPEG formats of images with size of 100kb – 500kb. You can compress your image in various online sites.

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