PF Account Number Search by Company Name in 2023


PF Account Number Search by Company Name in 2023


Mostly employees who haven’t remember their PF account number and UAN number will generally search for how to know my pf account number by name or company name. But the answer is you can find your company PF code by using their name but you cannot find your PF account number by using your name.

PF number format consists of region code, office code, establishment code, establishment extension, and PF member id. In online you can find all the details except your member id.

But if you know your company PF code then you can get your member id by asking any employee who has joined before you or after you in that company, because mostly EPF numbers will be created in a serial order.

How to do PF Account Number Search by Company Name

PF Account Number Search by Company Name

Step 1: Go to website.

Step 2: Enter your company name & there is no need to enter a code number. After entering the company name type the captcha and click on search.

Step 3: Now you will see all your company branches located in different parts of India, you can search your branch and find your company PF code.

Step 4: Now contact any of your colleague who has joined before or after to your and ask their PF number, mostly the prceding number or following number might be your PF account number.

Other Ways to Find Your PF Number

You can Find Your PF Number or UAN number by Using your Aadhar or PAN

If your PF account has linked to your mobile number and either your AAdhar number or PAN is also linked to your PF account then you can easily find your UAN by at UAN member portal, by clicking on know your UAN or activate UAN option in UAN member portal.

Check Your Pay Slips

Some organizations print PF number and UAN number on payslips, if you are lucky then you may find your PF details on your salary slip.

Contact Your Employer

This is the best way to find your PF number and UAN number because every employer will maintain a data base of employee PF details, so better contact your employer either through email or directly to get your PF number.

Visit PF office

If your employer is not operating and not supporting to you, then the final option is to visit your regional EPF branch office and request them to provide your PF number, and at the same time, you can link your mobile number with your PF account, so that you can utilize various online services provided by EPFO.


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