Office Timings Email to Employees


Office Timings Email to Employees


Attending the office at the right time is the basic responsibility of the employees, employers consider late coming employees as indisciplined ones. Some times employers may change their office timings depending on their requirements, at that time they need to intimate all the employees about the changed office timings.

But in some cases even though they don’t change office timings but still they send an office timings email to employees when they feel that majority of the employees are not adhering to the present office timings. At that time they will send the email to establish awareness regarding office timings in the company.

Here you can find sample email to employees regarding office timings to build punctuality.

Office Timings Email to Employees

Sub: Adherence to office timings

This is to inform all the employees to follow office timings strictly. It’s been observed that some employees are not attending to their duties at the right time and some of them are not even taking biometric attendance and not signing attendance registers. Such kind of behaviour of employees will not be tolerable and it will hurt employee performance appraisal.

We hereby inform all the employees that the office starts exactly at 9:00 AM and we hope all the employees must follow these office timings strictly.



Office Timings Change Email to Employees

Sub: Change in office timings

We hereby inform all the employees that the office timings are changed to 10:00 Am keep in a view of our clients and some employees were also requested the same. Hence most of our work starts at 10:00 AM every day.

Earlier the office used to work from 9 Am to 6 PM but now the office working hours are from 10 am to 7 PM.  Hence the office starts one hour late so the closing time also extended to 1 hour.

We hope all employees must notice these changes in office timings and cooperate with us.



Email to Employees for Not Following Office Timings

We hereby noticed the following employees are not adhering to the office timings regularly and the management wants to know their explanation about this issue.

Here is the list of employees:

  Employee Name      Employee ID





We cannot tolerate employees who are not punctual, because such kind of behavior spreads among other employees also.

Kindly treat this as a final warning from the management and any repetition in such late comings will be treated seriously and submit your explanation for the previous late comings ASAP.


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