M/s Full Form in Company / Business


M/s Full Form in Company / Business


M/s stands for “Messrs”, plural of Mister(Mr), M/s will be used as a prefix in front of the firm names which are formed by the partnership. For example M/s Rajesh Enterprises, M/s Ram&Co transports, etc.

Whenever a company is formed by more than one person, then M/S will be added in front of that firm’s title, and there is no need to use M/s before Ltd and Pvt Ltd company names.

But some companies use this prefix even in front of the ltd and Pvt ltd companies without prior knowledge, there is no illegality in that but as per the English language it should not be added in front of the one person formed companies.

M/s Proper Usage in Company Name

M/s Correct Usage M/s Wrong Usage
M/s Rajesh Enterprises M/s Rajesh Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
M/s Durga Constructions M/s Durga Constructions Ltd.

Can we Use M/s in firm names where partnership is made by both male and female

Yes, you can still use M/s even the company is formed by the male and female partnerships.  Whenever we use in front of a firm name then it represents all the people in that partnership irrespective of male and female genders.

What is meaning of M/s

M/s stands for Messrs, it is a plural form of mister, it is generally used to show a salutation or respect towards someone. The same prefix we will use in front of the organization’s name. 

Will M/s has any effect on company accounts & taxability.

No, adding M/s in front of your firm name will not make any extra effect on your company accounts and taxability issues.

Can we use M/s in front of proprietorship firm

No, whenever a company is owned by individual owners then we shouldn’t use M/s in company titles.

Is it mandatory to use M/s as a prefix for partnership firms?

It is not mandatory, but as per the English language it is a good practice and it gives authenticity to your firm name.

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