KRA of Team Leader in BPO

A Team Leader in a BPO is responsible for leading a team of customer service representatives and ensuring that the team meets its goals and objectives. The Team Leader is also responsible for providing guidance and support to the team members, monitoring their performance, and providing feedback and coaching. The Team Leader is also responsible for ensuring that the team is following the company’s policies and procedures. The Key Result Areas (KRA) of a Team Leader in a BPO include managing the team, providing guidance and support, monitoring performance, and ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.

The key responsibilities of a Team Leader in a BPO are:

1. Monitor and evaluate team performance and provide feedback to team members.
2. Develop and implement strategies to improve team performance.
3. Provide coaching and guidance to team members to ensure they are meeting performance goals.
4. Monitor customer service levels and ensure customer satisfaction.
5. Handle customer complaints and escalations.
6. Develop and maintain relationships with customers.
7. Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
8. Monitor and analyze team metrics and performance data.
9. Identify areas of improvement and develop action plans to address them.
10. Develop and implement training programs for team members.

As a team leader in the BPO, knowing your KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas) and focusing on improving them will help you get promotion & salary hikes. A team leader who knows all his job responsibilities can quickly get the best results from his team members.

In simple words, KRA means the job and responsibilities mentioned in your job description. They give you clarity about your role.

Below are the most important KRAs that every team leader should know in BPO Industry to improve their productivity.

Job Description of Team Leader in BPO

  1. Develop clear objectives and KPIs for the team.
  2. Should be good in attrition & shrinkage.
  3. Delegate targets and tasks and ensure daily, weekly, and monthly targets are achieved.
  4. Supervises the operations and daily performance of teams.
  5. Conduct regular performance reviews.
  6. Identify training requirements and report on measures.
  7. Motivate the team.
  8. Listen to feedback from team members and address any problems or conflicts.
  9. Provides management with suggestions and solutions to enhance processes.
  10. Responsible for sending the shift list to team members.

Team Leader KRA in BPO

1. Team Management

Team management is getting the best results from the team members by using the right strategies, actions, and methods. As a team leader in BOP, you should be accountable for the actions of your team members.

It is one of the most important skills of a team leader to make your employee work better on a common goal.

Clear communication and motivation will keep your bond strong with your team members.

Effective team management starts with hiring the right candidates and training them.

2. Attendance Management

Attendance management is tracking the working hours of employees. As a BPO team leader, you should be aware of the attendance management process.

Every BPO has its own internal attendance policy, you should make sure your team embers are adhering to those rules.

Effective attendance management increases the attendance and performance of the team by reducing absenteeism, delays, tiredness, and boredom.

Communicating shift details to team members and being strict about their timings will reduce absenteeism.

As a team leader in BPO, you should be extra careful about the leave request of your team. Leaves should be sanctioned if they are genuine and reasonable.

3. Shrinkage Control

Shrinkage is the number of call center agents absent on a specific day scheduled for the shift.

If any of the team members are not available to handle the calls, the team leader should take the necessary actions to fill those gaps. It is one of the most important duties of team leaders in BPO.

Making the team members aware of the company policies and the consequences of the shrinkage will reduce the shrinkage rate.

Any team members who are continuously absent from duties without prior intimation should be terminated in order to reduce the burden on the other team members.

4. Employee Retention

The ability of the team leader to retain team members plays an important role in his/her success. Call center agents leave their jobs due to different reasons, identifying those reasons and working on them will reduce the attrition rate.

The attrition rate is an indicator to measure the number of employees who left their jobs voluntarily (or) involuntarily.

Onboarding & orientation, compensation, perks, wellness offerings, training & development will increase the employee retention rate. Team leaders should need to discuss them with their management if necessary.

5. Client Management

Every team leader in BPO should have the skills to manage the relationships with their existing and potential clients. Team leaders are the liaison between the company and its clients.

Team leaders should know how to communicate their plans and limitations with their clients. Understanding the client’s needs, developing plans according to them and regular interaction will keep your clients for a long time.

Always remember that the success of your organization depends on the success of your clients.

6. Training Team Members

Training the team members in call centers will increase their proficiency and knowledge about the products and services which they are dealing with. The overall team performance depends on how well they are trained by their team leader.

Team leaders should take the time to train their team regularly; there should be time spent on training each week.

During training, you should listen to your team and ask them about areas where they need coaching.

7. Floor Support

Floor support includes motivating and assisting the call center agents in their calls to better their performances. Floor support is required to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Your team members would feel free to contact you whenever they need any support. Providing support to the agents and training is important for effective floor support.

8. Improve the Under Performers

When a call center agent is not performing to the expected level then he/she must be trained in their weakest areas. Firing an underperformed employee is not a good idea every time, some times a little training will bring a huge change in their performance.

Talking to the underperformers, Identifying the problems, communicating job expectations, and conducting meetings and training sessions will improve the low performers in the workplace.

9. Quality Control (QC)

Quality control is the process of ensuring that agents interact with customers. Each client has specific requirements and a call center agent should serve these requirements across different channels such as calls, chats, emails, and social media.

Goal-focused team leaders with good analytical skills will become effective in quality control.

10. Process Improvement

In BPO, a minor delay in service will result in customer dissatisfaction. In call centers, agents need to perform repetitive tasks in an efficient manner.

Setting KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) and monitoring them will help in process improvement.

Team leaders should focus on agent workflow, roster management, and handling callbacks to better the process.


1. Are KRA and KPI the same?

Both are different, KRA is the actions that an employee has to do and KRI is a metric to measure performance.

2. Is KRA and roles & responsibilities the same?

Yes, both are the same.

3. Does every job has KRA & KPI?

Yes, every job will have KRA and KPI, but they will vary depending on the type of the job.



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