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Is Whitepages Premium Free?

Whitepages is the largest provider of online directory services in the United States. It also provides services like fraud screening, background checks, and identity verification for consumers and businesses. It has the largest database available of contact information on US residents. If you own a business and have some employees, you can use the background check service by Whitepages to do the background check of your employees. If you are looking forward to purchasing the Whitepages service and have some queries regarding the subscription, this article will help you with that. It will help you to understand whether or not is Whitepages premium free. And if it’s not free, then how much is a Whitepages subscription. Also, you will understand if is Whitepages Premium worthwhile to purchase or not and which is a free online phone book available on the internet.

Is Whitepages Premium Free?

Is Whitepages Premium Free?

You will get to know if is Whitepages Premium free further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Is There a Free Online Phone Book?

No, there is no free online phone book available for you to download online, but you can still find the numbers you are looking for. Some websites give you the facility to search for a number based on the city, state, and some other genres. You can’t download a free online phone book, but you can purchase a physical copy of it online from websites like Amazon and eBay.

Who Owns Whitepages Canada?

Alex Algard is the founder of Whitepages. He founded the Whitepages in 1997 while he was studying at Sandford University. Alex had an idea in 1996 while he was studying in college and planned to execute his idea, thus turning it into a million-dollar company at the current date. The current CEO of Whitepages is Leigh McMillan, who takes care of the company and has the authority to make decisions by the owner of the company about the company’s work and development.

How Much is a Whitepages Subscription?

The Whitepages subscription can cost between $4.99 to $29.99, depending on the service you want. Some charges are for one-time, and some are to be paid on the monthly basis. Also, some plan offers only phone number information lookup for up to 200 people, and others provide data on the criminal records and background history of the person. Whitepages also provides a free number lookup on their website and app, but only a few details will be visible. To get full detail, you need to take the subscription. That is how much a Whitepages subscription costs.

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Is Whitepages Premium Free?

No, Whitepages Premium is not free as you have to pay for it. To avail the services like background checks, identity verification, and fraud screening, you have to pay some monthly or one-time fee which can cost around $4.99 to $29.99, which is quite affordable as compared to the service you are getting. You can still lookup for phone numbers on the Whitepages website and app for free if you don’t want to avail of the premium service. Now, you know if is Whitepages premium free or not.

How Can You Get Around Whitepages Premium?

To cancel the Whitepages subscription, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Whitepages website on your browser.

On your browser visit the Whitepages website.

2. Click on Log In.

3. Enter your email and password and click on Log in.

4. Click on the My Account tab in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. Click on Purchases & Billing.

6. Click on the Subscription Status option.

7. Click on Cancel Auto-Renewal.

Read this article from the start to learn if is Whitepages Premium free.

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What Does Whitepages Premium Offer?

Whitepages Premium offers personal information lookup, fraud screenings, background checks, and identity verifications for consumers and businesses. Some services like personal information lookup are free but only to some extent. To get access to full information, you need a premium subscription as some subscription plans are monthly and some are one-time pay plans. By availing subscription, you can get full information about the person or the business, including the criminal history records, which are completely legit.

Will Someone Know If You Look Them Up on Whitepages?

No, no one can ever know if you look them up on Whitepages. Almost 90 percent of people information’s is on Whitepages and most of them don’t even know that. If you look for someone on Whitepages, there is no such service that will notify them regarding this search.

Is Whitepages Premium Worthwhile?

Yes, Whitepages Premium is worthwhile only for those who need to do a background check of someone and do identity verifications. If you want to look up some information about any business or person, you can use the Whitepages free search option. The Premium plans are quite affordable and range between $4.99 to $29.99 depending on the service you want. That’s how is Whitepages Premium worthwhile.

How Reliable is

You can completely rely on Whitepages as it will give you the correct information about the business or the person you are looking for. You can also check the criminal records or the background history of the person and it will give you full information, only if you have the premium subscription. Whitepages is an authorized company for information lookup and has the largest database of legit information about the people of the United States. As a result, the information available is totally true and completely reliable. Read this article from the start to learn if is Whitepages Premium free.

What is Better than Whitepages?

There are a few more online directory service providers available in the market. Some of them are completely free and some might charge you for their service. Look for yourselves as all of them are listed below.

1. True People Search

True People Search | Is Whitepages Premium Free?

True People Search is a people finder website that is fully free and allows you to find people by their names, phone numbers, or addresses just like Whitepages but the only difference is that it is free. You can also filter out your search based on age, locality, gender, and many more factors. Read this article from the start to learn if is Whitepages Premium free.

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2. TruthFinder


TruthFinder does a great job in searching the people. It also searches for any court records, traffic offenses, arrest records, sexual offenses, weapon permits, and much more. To get the full information you have to pay some charges.

3. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is somewhat the same as Whitepages where you will get information like background reports, email, contact information, addresses, and much more. If you avail of the subscription service, you can also get the social information of the person.

4. PeekYou

PeekYou | Is Whitepages Premium Free?

PeekYou lets you find people based on their social platforms. The information you receive is in the form of the web where you are at the center and the social links associated with you are connected to you.

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5. PeopleFinder


PeopleFinder allows you to search for people easily and for free. It will also give you information about the person’s criminal history, relatives’ information, and other information. It is free and gives you detailed information about the person you are looking for.


So, we hope you have understood if is Whitepages Premium free. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.


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