How to Write Internship Experience in Resume [Examples]

Writing an internship experience in your resume is a great way to showcase your skills and accomplishments to potential employers. It can also help you stand out from other applicants and demonstrate your commitment to the field. When writing your internship experience, it is important to include relevant details such as the company you worked for, the tasks you completed, and the skills you developed. Additionally, you should highlight any awards or recognition you received during your internship. By following these tips, you can create an impressive internship experience section in your resume that will help you stand out from the competition.

1. Include a dedicated section: When writing your resume, include a dedicated section for your internship experience. This section should be placed near the top of your resume, just below your contact information.

2. Include the company name and location: Start off your internship experience section by including the name of the company and its location.

3. Describe your role: After you’ve included the company name and location, describe your role and responsibilities. Be sure to include any special projects you worked on or any unique skills you developed.

4. Include any accomplishments: If you achieved any special accomplishments during your internship, be sure to include them. This could include awards, recognition, or any other special achievements.

5. Include any relevant coursework: If you completed any relevant coursework during your internship, be sure to include it. This could include any special training or certifications you received.

6. Include any relevant software or tools: If you used any special software or tools during your internship, be sure to include them. This could include any special software or tools you used to complete your tasks.

7. Include any relevant skills: If you developed any special skills during your internship, be sure to include them. This could include any special skills you developed that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

8. Include any relevant contacts: If you made any contacts during your internship, be sure to include them. This could include any contacts you made that could be helpful in your job search.

If you do not have work experience, it is preferable to add your internship experience to your resume. You should mention the name of the company, the title of the internship, the main job responsibilities, and the internship duration.

Your internship experience in your resume shows that you have practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge in the actual work environment. It gives you an additional advantage over the other job applicants.

How to mention internship experience in resume example.

Internship Experience in Resume [Example 1]

Company Name: XYZ It Consulting, Hyderabad

Title:  Full Stack Development

Duration: 8 Jun 2023 to 07 Aug 2023.

Key Responsiblitites:

  1. Design and implement interactive Web functionality.
  2. Collaborate with the development team and project managers to develop software solutions.
  3. Develop multiple back-end features to improve the user experience.
  4. Development of the client-side and server-side architecture.
  5. Troubleshoot and debug existing code issues
  6. Write effective APIs
  7. Create and maintain documentation for software processes and products.

Key Achievements:

Had an opportunity to be part of a highly collaborative team that works to create efficient products and services, and gained practical experience with Javascript, Node.js, React Js, HTML, CSS ad MySQL.

Internship Experience in Resume [Example 2]

Company Name: ABC Enterprises

Title: Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 01 May 2023 – 31 July 2023.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Use CAD software for 2D & 3D design modeling.
  2. Provide technical advice and maintain design documents.
  3. Assist with project deadlines.
  4. Perform design reviews, work with vendors, and stay updated with CAD progress.
  5. Contribute to design reviews, providing constructive feedback.
  6. Test and assess theoretical designs.
  7. Take part in machining processes such as cutting, drilling, welding, milling, etc.
  8. Develop systems and components that meet the requirements and requirements.
  9. Work on vendor management

Key Achievements: 

Acquired valuable experience in a fast & innovative workplace, and learned 3D printing, AutoCAD 3D, and engineering drawing.

Internship Experience in Resume [Example 3]

Company Name: XYZ Consultancy, Chennai

Title: Human Resources

Duration: 01 May 2023 to 31 Jul 2023.

Major Job Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in recruitment and onboarding events.
  2. Posting of vacant positions in employment portals and newspapers.
  3. Screening of candidates for various IT and non-IT profiles
  4. Keep accurate records of employee information.
  5. Conduct telephone rounds.
  6. Follow up with applicants for interviews and share interview schedules.
  7. Update day-to-day tracker and MIS reports.
  8. Follow up with candidates for joining formalities 
  9. Assist with day-to-day HR operations.

Key Achievements: 

Obtained real-world experience in human resources management and learned business communication.

Internship Experience in Resume [Example 4]

Company Name: ABC & Associates
Title: Accounts

Duration: 01 Jun 2023 to 30 Aug 2023

Key Responsiblities:

  1. Tracking and recording business financial transactions (Bookkeeping)
  2. Prepare accounting reports for senior management review.
  3. Prepare balance sheets, income statements, invoices, and other financial statements
  4. Making entries in Tally 
  5. Work on TDS and income tax returns.
  6. Assist with financial audits and prepare reports
  7. Working with GST reconciliations.

Key Achievements:

Upgraded my Tally and Excel skills. Acquired real-time experience in TDS return filing and GST reconciliation.

Internship Experience in Resume [Example 5]

Company Name: ABC Soft Technologies

Title: Digital Marketing

Duration: 01 Jun 2023 to 31 Jul 2023

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns
  2. Maintain the organization’s Web site.
  3. Increase website traffic and gain leads.
  4. Optimize website content and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  5. Work on SEO of the website pages
  6. Perform market analysis and competitive research.
  7. Execute email, social media and display advertising campaigns
  8. Analyze data and insights to improve ROI.
  9. Monitoring clicks, redirects, and bounce rates

Key Achievements:

I had the opportunity to work with industry experts and gained real-time experience in running successful digital marketing campaigns.

Tips to Add Internship on Resume 

  1. Use a clean and professional resume format, even though you are a fresher, you can add your internship details in place of the experience section of the resume.
  2. Mention your internship before or after the education section of the resume.
  3. Write the company name, title, and duration.
  4. List all the major responsibilities you performed during your internship program. 
  5. Highlight any achievements (or) accomplishments that you made during the internship period
  6. Proof Read your resume to correct any grammatical mistakes and to improve sentence formations.


1. When to include an internship in a resume?

Freshers need to focus on their internship experience, this increases the chances of getting the job.

2. What did I learn from my internship example?

Eg: During my internship, I contributed to the creation and execution of social media campaigns. I have acquired practical experience in executing Adwords campaigns and Facebook marketing. I learned to work in a professional environment to meet the objectives of the project.

3. Should you include an internship in your resume?

Yes, if you are a fresher, it is recommended to add your internship details to your resume.



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