How to Write an Email Asking to Solve a Problem Sample


How to Write an Email Asking to Solve a Problem Sample


Every person has different problems, if your problem is effecting your work then you need intimate about it to your boss or superiors. Instead of calling directly them, it is better to send an email regarding your problem and asking a solution or help.

For example, if you have met with an accident, or if you are not feeling well and want to work from home then you can use the below sample email formats. At the same time if you are a student then you also you can use the same formats.

Tips to write a good problem-solving email

  1. Make your email short and crisp, don’t write a lengthy email explaining about your problem
  2. Write the email to the person from whom you can get the real solution.
  3. Address the person in starting of the email.
  4. Attach required supporting documents regarding your problem in the mail.

Sample Email to Solve a Problem – 1

Sub: Request to work from home due to accident

Dear Sir,

Yesterday while going home I met with an accident,  my bike crashed by a car and I am seriously injured. The doctor told me that my right leg bone was fractured and I need a minimum 1-month rest to recover.

Even though I am injured but still I am in a situation to handle my office works but I can’t come to the office physically, but I can finish my works from my home.

So here I am requesting you to please allow me to do work from home for the next 30 days and I will get back to my work immediately after recovery.

And here I am also attaching my medical bills and bone X-Ray scan copy, so please find them.

Thanking you.



The next email format is for students, for example, if you are a student and finding difficulties in understanding a topic then you can send an email to your professor to get help from him.

Sample Email to Solve a Problem – 2

Sub: Need help in understading the ___________ topic.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is ___________(student name), finding difficulty in undserstaitng the topic of ____________. Due to my illenss I could not able to attend the class on they day of teaching it.

Hence the exams are coming, I started preparing for the exams, but I couldn’t able to understand that particular topic. So need your help in understanding this topic.

As per your convenience please try to help me in this situation.

Thanking you,


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