How to Update/Change Notice Period in Naukri Portal & App


How to Update/Change Notice Period in Naukri Portal & App


Updating the notice period in the Naukri profile will help the recruiters to know when you can able to join in a new job. Some recruiters consider the notice period as one of the factors to call that job applicant for the interview or not. Here you can find an easy way to update your notice period is the Naukri portal both in the desktop site and mobile app.

How to Update Notice Period in Naukri

Step 1:- Go to and login with your email id and password.

Step 2:- Now click on Edit Profile option on top right side of the browser.

how to update notice period in naukri portal

Step 3:- Now come to the employment section and click on edit symbol.

how to update notice period in naukri website

Step 4:- Now a popup window will open, at the bottom of the pop-up window you can find an option to update or change notice period. After updating the notice period click on save.

You can select from 15 days to more than 3 months. If you are already in notice period then choose serving notice period option.

naukri notice period updation or change.

How to update notice period in Naukri mobile app

If you are using Naukri mobile app, then follow the below process to update or change notice period.

Step 1:- Login in your Naukri mobile app, and click on your name or photo.

how to update notice period in naukri portal mobile app

Step 2:- Now a new page will open, here go to employment section and click on add.

naukri portal notice period change

Step 3:- Here you can see your updated employment details, if you haven’t updated your job details till now then you can update them here.

At the bottom of the page you can find an option called update or change notice period. After updating notice period click on save.

naukri notice period

FAQs Regarding Notice Period

What is notice period in Naukri

  • A notice period is a period that an employee has to work after acceptance of his or her resignation. Because every employee has some responsibilities like handing over duties to new employees or to finishing pending works etc. In order to complete those tasks, every employee has to serve the notice period.
  • By updating notice period in Naukri, the recruiter will know after how many days the job seeker can able to join in the new job, once he got selected for the job.

How to put immediate joining in resume

  • If a job seeker is not working anywhere and already left the job or at the end of serving his notice period in the previous company then he can write as willing to join immediately in resume.
  • When it comes to the Naukri portal he can update his notice period as 15 days or less.

Best answer for notice period

  • Before answering the question of when will you join the job? the job seeker should think about his previous company terms and conditions about notice period and time to relocate to the new job if in case.
  • If you are not working any where then you can answer them that I can join immediately or certain date on which you can join.
  • If you are already working then you have to tell the answer based on your current notice period policy in your present working organization.

Best time to update Naukri profile

There is no best time to update your details in Naukri, it is always better to keep your details up to date in Naukri portal. But by signing in your Naukri portal every day will help you in getting more calls. Because when recruiters search for the candidates in Naukri then they will see the latest active members in their Naukri Resdex search results.

Can I start job while in notice period

  • The answer is No, you can not work in Two companies simultaneously in the same working hours. It will come under disciplinary action. If your present employer or new employer finds it then they will treat it as in disciplinary behavior and it may cause your job loss.
  • The notice period is to complete your assigned tasks before leaving the job, if you don’t do it properly in your previous job then your new employer will also don’t trust you.
  • Even though you don’t have any assigned works in your current job still you have to complete the notice period, because you are getting a salary during the notice period.

Is notice period mandatory to leave a job

  • It depends on the company and the nature of the work. you can know whether it is mandatory or not by checking your company policies. You can check them in your appointment letter format or by asking your HR.
  • If your job doesn’t need your services anymore after your resignation then you can join in new job without serving the notice period. But you have to intimate it to your present employer.
  • Because some times in background verification of the new employer they ask you about this to your old employer.

Can you quit your job at any time

Quitting a job at any time is not a good idea. Every company has some policies and you have to serve notice period based on those policies. By serving notice period your full and final settlement will be done without any hurdles and you will get your experience certificate.

How to tell your boss that you want to quit

  • When you are decided to leave your job position then talk with your boss directly, after taking his approval only it is better to write a resignation letter. Because even though you are leaving the job still it is better to maintain the professional relationship.
  • Tell why you took that decision of resignation whether it is due to seeking an opportunity in career growth or shifting to a new place etc.
  • And always tell your gratitude for giving an opportunity to working for their company.

Will new employer enquire about my previous job

Yes, in many cases the new employers do background verification, in that process, they will talk with your previous employer or your colleagues in the previous job. So it is better, to be frank with your new employer.

How many days of notice period should I give

The period of the notice period depends on your company policies, in general, the notice period will be 30 days to 3 months. But before taking a decision read your company rules and regulations in your appointment letter.

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