How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in MW2


How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in MW2

One distinguishes themselves from novices by having the ability to customize their weapon with their preferred camouflage. The camo of a player’s weapon may be used to identify the effort and abilities that demonstrate their experience in gaming. With a variety of camouflage options, Spectrum Camo stood out above the others. The Spectrum Camo is something that many gamers want to unlock and customize for their weapons. We are here to assist gamers who are just beginning to play Modern Warfare 2 and do not have much knowledge about camos or how do Camos work in Modern Warfare 2. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you unlock Spectrum Camo MW2.

How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in MW2

How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in MW2

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to unlock Spectrum Camo MW2 in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

What are the Types of Camos?

There are quite several camos to choose from in Modern Warfare 2, each has its own set of challenges to acquire. If we have to differentiate on the level of skill of players, there will be broadly two kinds of camo.

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How Do Camos Work in Modern Warfare 2?

Let’s see how the Camos work in Modern Warfare 2:

Option I: For Base Camos

When it comes to the Base camos, there are more than 180 distinct Base camo designs that are simple to unlock in the game. These do not require many skills to complete the challenges requested by the game to get.

  • You would be required to compete in the base-level challenges, and as you level up, you will unlock more and more skin types.
  • There won’t be a challenge unique to a weapon after you acquire any Base Camo. You may use that skin on any weapon in your collection.

Option II: For Mastery Camos

The Mastery camos, on the other hand, are special and require a significant amount of work to unlock.

In addition, there are four variations of Mastery camo:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Polyatomic
  • Orion

Each of these must be unlocked independently for each unique weapon you possess. Let us take a look at the four different types of Mastery camos in Modern Warfare 2 and how to unlock every single one of them.

Note: You can only unlock the below-mentioned camo in this very order- Gold, Platinum. Polyatomic, and Orion.

  • Gold Camo- The first on the list is gold camouflage, which you’ll get as your first skin from the Mastery camos. You can get gold camo by completing all four base-level tasks for a certain weapon, followed by a challenge designed exclusively for that weapon in the whole category.
  • Platinum Camo- The Platinum camo is next in line. You can only obtain this camouflage pattern by obtaining the gold camouflage for every weapon in a certain category and then passing a challenge made especially for that weapon.
  • Polyatomic Camo- As you move further and your skills in the game enhance so do the challenges to acquiring the camo skins. Polyatomic Camo is the next in line after Platinum Camo. Polyatomic Camo can be unlocked after you have acquired Platinum Camo for 51 distinct weapons and then by completing a challenge designed specifically for that weapon.
  • Orion Camo- The last in the line of Mastery Camo is Orion Camo and the most difficult to obtain among all the others. To obtain you will have to obtain the rest of them first then and only then will this camo be available to you. There is no specific weapon challenge that you will need to battle to unlock Orion Camo, but you will need to unlock the Polyatomic Camo for 51 guns and Orion camo will be automatically unlocked for every one of the 51 guns.

Modern Warfare 2

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What is Spectrum Camo?

Spectrum Camo is the most popular camo that every veteran player of the game aspires to own. The most sought-after camo in the Modern Warfare 2 game mix is the Spectrum Camo, often known as the Rainbow Tiger.

  • It is offered in the camos’ classic area.
  • It has tiger stripes all over its rainbow-colored skin.
  • Apart from that, competing in the Modern Warfare 2 game’s Signal 50 sniper rifle challenges is the only one that can use this camouflage skin as an option.
  • Depending on your gaming prowess, Spectrum camo, the most sought-after camo in Modern Warfare 2, may or may not be challenging to acquire.

Let us now take a look at how to unlock spectrum camo MW2.

How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

Since the spectrum camo is fairly challenging to obtain and serves as a demonstration of the determination of high-level players, it is a source of tremendous pride for Modern Warfare 2 gamers. It is without a question the most popular camouflage among Modern Warfare 2 gamers, and seasoned players are motivated to acquire it because they recognize its value.

But the question remains, how to unlock spectrum camo in Modern Warfare 2? To get it, one must undoubtedly put forth a lot of effort. However, there is only one manner in which you may unlock it. Let us take a look at how you can unlock spectrum camo MW2.

Note: The challenges for the Signal 50 Rifle may vary depending on the weapon you are using.

1. To get your hands on Spectrum Camo, you will first need to level up Signal 50 Sniper Rifle to level 23.

2. Once you have leveled up to level 23 of Signal 50 Sniper Rifle, you will then unlock the challenge you are required to overcome.

Note: To acquire Spectrum Camo, you must complete the challenge’s requirement of 25 one-shot kills using a Signal 50 Rifle. Once you’ve finished the task, the Spectrum Camo will become available for you to use on every gun in Modern Warfare 2 in addition to the Signal 50 Rifle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can one jump any Mastery level camo to obtain the one next in line?

Ans. No, skipping a Mastery Camo to unlock the next one is not possible. The Mastery Camos in Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion must be unlocked in this very order. Without unlocking the prior Camo, you won’t be able to access the others. For instance, to unlock Polyatomic Camo, you must obtain a Platinum camo for 51 of your collection’s weapons and take part in a challenge that is particular to a weapon.

Q2. Is Spectrum Camo harder to acquire than Mastery Camos?

Ans. No, a unique Mastery Camo is more difficult to acquire than a single Spectrum Camo. To obtain Mastery Camos, a player must complete several tasks in a certain order. However, the Spectrum Camo is an accessible option only with Signal 50 snipers and can then be unlocked by completing a few obstacles.

Q3. Why is Spectrum Camo the most sought-after camo skin in Modern Warfare 2?

Ans. Spectrum Camo was initially made available to players in Call of Duty Ghosts, and it quickly proved popular with players. Even though it was only a conventional camo, people liked its design so much that it became the biggest highly prized camo ever.


We hope that you learned about how to unlock Spectrum Camo MW2. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.


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