How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage


How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage


How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage

There are several times when you may accidentally spill some water on your PC or laptop and freak out. These moments are certainly anxious as you always expect, against your will, that you have lost that device forever. Water does not suit any electronic device as it can damage any component or circuit inside any type of device. So, if something like this has happened to you right now and want someone to tell if computer has water damage or not, we’re here for you. Read this article until the end to learn what happens when water falls on laptop keyboard and how to check my laptop for water.

How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage

How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage

You will get to know if you can tell if computer has water damage further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can a Computer Survive Water Damage?

Yes, a computer survives water damage only when the water does not go to the circuit. If it doesn’t, your computer should be fine; it may stop working. We all know that water is so dangerous for electronic devices. If it goes into electronic devices, such as mobile, laptops, or computers, it may lead to damage to your system. An expert or technician will help you to save or back up your data if it is accessible. If the water goes into a large quantity, it can cause permanent damage to the internal components. Also, we all know that water can cause corrosion, a chemical reaction, with metal and the circuit board.

Can You Tell If a Laptop has been Water Damaged?

Yes, there is a sign of corrosion. It is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to our electronic devices. If your laptop comes in contact with water, it is a very costly mistake, as you all know. And if you don’t repair it on time, it may lead to heavy damage. Below mentioned are some of the signs that you will eventually notice once the laptop gets water damaged:

  • You will see a blurry screen or sometimes even a blank screen.
  • You may see that your laptop will get heated quickly.
  • Your keyboard keys may get unresponsive
  • You could see corrosion on the connectors and the edges of the laptop.

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Can You Tell When a Laptop has Water Damage?

Yes, when the water goes into the laptop, you will see corrosion around the connector and your motherboard. If you see any green or white residue, it is an indicator that your laptop may have come in contact with water or moisture. You will also see that the laptop keyboard buttons may not work properly, or sometimes your whole keyboard will not work. When water falls on the laptop keyboard, the motherboard is destroyed, and your laptop may stop working. Many computers use water indicators in computers or laptops, which show whether your laptop has come in contact with water or not.

Will Water Destroy a Laptop?

Yes, water can destroy a laptop, but if you act fast, you can save your laptop from water damage. As you all know, water is soo dangerous thing for electronic devices. Liquid can quickly destroy electronic devices. Although water can destroy laptops, it does not destroy their data.

Will Laptop Still Works If Water is Spilled on Laptop?

Yes, sometimes. In this type of situation, you must keep yourself calm and make quick decisions on your laptop. It’s not all lost. First, you must check how much water goes into your laptop. You have to dry out your laptop first without wasting soo much time. If you quickly take some action and the laptop is not destroyed internally, the laptop will work. But if you take soo much time to dry it out, there will be no chance that your laptop will work.

What Happens If Water Falls on the Laptop Keyboard?

If water falls on the laptop keyboard, you may see that keyboard buttons stop working, or the whole keyboard may malfunction. It is because water destroys the internal parts of the keyboard. Water surely destroys your motherboard or chipset inside the laptop. It depends on how much water goes inside the laptop because water corridors the metal things. First, turn your laptop off and keep it upside down to let the water drain. And do not keep your laptop in rice because if it gets stuck in your keyboard, it will create more problems. You can take the help of a hairdryer to dry it out and allow your laptop to at least dry for one day.

JAN23 How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage

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How to Tell If Your Computer has Water Damage?

If your computer is damaged due to water, first you need to do a complete visual inspection so that the corrosion does not rust the metal body or motherboard of the laptop.

  • If you see green or white residue on your computer, your computer may have come in contact with water.
  • If you press the power button for a long and the computer does not give a response, your computer may likely be dead.
  • When the water droplets go inside the keyboard or motherboard, it may create some erratic behavior.
  • If your computer has water damage, you may see your screen not working properly, as it may be blank or greeny sometimes.

How Do I Check My Laptop for Water?

All you have to do to check the laptop for corrosion around the connectors or motherboard. Also, notice if the laptop keyboard or screen is unresponsive.

How Long does It Take for Water to Damage a Laptop?

It depends on how much water goes inside the laptop. If water goes in large amounts, the laptop may take more time to dry and less time to damage it. And if less water goes inside, water takes less time to dry.


We hope that this information was valuable for you and you were able to learn how to tell if your computer has water damage and check my laptop for water. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.


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