How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android


How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android


How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

In a time when everyone communicates through text messages, from hangout plans to professional meetings everything is conveyed through texts. More than 83% of Americans have a smartphone. Though this new form of communication can be disrupted once the sent message doesn’t get delivered and the sender has to wait for the conversation to continue. So, what is the difference between sent and delivered on Android text? And how do you know that your texts are read? Today, in this article we are going to discuss how to see if someone read your text on Android. So, continue reading to check if text message was delivered on Android device.

How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

Android operating system uses two types of messaging formats, namely SMS and MMS. SMS stands for Short Messaging Services, while MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Services. One is used to communicate actual texts and words while the other is used for sending multimedia messages like photos, videos, GIFs, and other non-text-based messages. To learn how to see if someone read your text on Android, keep reading.

How to Check if Text Message was Delivered on Android

Texts are instant, reliable, and lightweight forms of communication, which is why it is now one of the most popular forms of communication. While SMS and MMS are the standard forms of texting, Android phones have now begun to use Google Messages. This feature enables the user to explore a more flexible form of communication including the Read Receipts.

You can see if someone read your text on Android if your Read Receipts are turned on. Once your chat is opened by the receiver, under the last message you sent, it will show that the text has been read.

But what if the person you are talking to hasn’t replied to you for quite a while and you have no idea if your last text message was delivered or not? Want to know if my text was delivered Android? Here’s how you can see if someone read your text on Android.

Note: Since all Android phones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, hence ensure the correct settings. These steps were performed on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Method 1: Through Messaging App

Following are the steps below.

1. On your Android phone, open Messaging app.

Messaging app on Andriod phone

2. Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner.

Settings icon. How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

3. Scroll down to Delivery status and toggle it on.

Delivery status

4. Next, toggle on Delivery sound.

Delivery sound. How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

Method 2: Through General Phone Settings

Another method is through phone settings which is listed below.

1. Go to phone Settings.

2. Scroll down and select Apps.

Apps Settings. How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

3. Tap on System app settings.

System app settings

4. Scroll to find Messaging and tap on it.

Messaging settings. How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

5. Toggle on Delivery status.

Delivery status

6. Finally, toggle on Delivery sound.

Delivery sound. How to See if Someone Read Your Text on Android

With these two methods, you will now know if your text messages are delivered or not and have an idea whether the receiver has received them or not, because as unfortunate as it sounds, it is not possible to know whether the receiver has received the text or not.

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Do Android Texts Say Delivered?

Any Android phone will have a feature that allows users to check whether a text is delivered or not. The feature might be turned off by default and to turn it on manually, you would want to follow the steps given above in this article to Android check if text message was delivered or not.

How Do I Keep People from Reading Texts on Android

There is nothing worse than someone invading your private chats. Want to see if someone read your text on Android? If you feel like your private texts have been secretly read by someone, then drop all your worries as we bring you the best guide to hiding your messages on Android.

To learn more on how to hide your texts, read our article on How to Hide Text Messages or SMS on Android.

Can You Tell If Someone Saw Your Text on Android?

It purely depends on your phone model, cellular provider, and operating system. Depending on the phone, you will notice differences such as Send Read Receipts, Read Receipts, or Request Receipt. If your smartphone has any of these, you might be able to tell and see if someone read your text on Android. To get the notifications, enable read receipts on your Messages.

If you cannot find the option to enable or disable Read Receipts, then we are afraid it might not be possible for your smartphone to receive the read receipts messages.

Difference Between Sent and Delivered on Android Text

Any Android user would recognize the sent and delivered pop-up messages on their phone. Though Android is generally very easy to follow, at times the Sent and Delivered messages can cause quite confusion for Android users. Does it confuse you too? Want to dive into the true meaning of Sent and Delivered notification? Let us dive in then.

Sent Delivered
Sent notification means that the sent text message has been registered to the receiver’s mobile for delivery. Delivered notification will confirm that the server of the mobile carrier has successfully delivered to the receiver.
Sent notification, doesn’t necessarily mean the receiver read the message. A Delivered message ensures a high probability of the receiver reading the sent message.
Sender gets the Sent notification. The receiver and sender both get the new message and Delivered notification respectively.

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Can You Tell if Someone Blocked Your Texts on Android?

It depends on different Android-Phones. Without any issue, any Android user can know if their text has been delivered or not, but how do you tell if someone blocked you through text? Well, there is no clear way to use your Android phone to determine if someone blocked you, but you can still make an idea by noticing your text notifications.

You will receive undelivered messages notifications, or if you try calling the person, the call won’t be successful either. If you see these failed text notifications or unsuccessful calls, then the receiver might have blocked you. To be sure and see if someone read your text on Android, the best option is to ask them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Am I blocked if message says delivered?

Ans. No, you haven’t been blocked if your messages are being delivered.

Q2. Do muted messages show as delivered?

Ans. Yes, muted messages only mute the sound of the notification and do not alert you. Your messages will still go through and be delivered.

Q3. Do Android phones use SMS?

Ans. Yes, the SMS is supported by all smartphones including Android ad iOS devices.


We hope that you learned how to see if someone read your text on Android and the main difference between sent and delivered on Android text. Feel free to drop all your queries and add your suggestions to the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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