How to Search for Someone on by Username


Searching for someone on by username can be a great way to find someone you know or have heard about. It can also be a great way to find someone who shares similar interests or who lives in the same area as you. With’s advanced search capabilities, you can easily search for someone by their username. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to search for someone on by username.

How to Search for Someone on by Username

1. Go to the website.

2. Click on the “Search” tab at the top of the page.

3. Enter the username of the person you are looking for in the “Username” field.

4. Click the “Search” button.

5. Review the search results to find the person you are looking for.

How to Search for Someone on by Username

Dating has become an internet matter now. There are many matchmaking sites on the internet that serves the purpose of finding a match for single people. These dating sites are not only famous but are reliable too in finding a perfect match. While many of them have been around the internet for some time now, some have come into the online dating game just now and are very well. Match is one such site that has been around the corner for a long time now. It was launched in the year of 1995. The site has since been helping in finding suitable partners for all the single peeps in about 50 countries in 12 languages. If you have just started to use Match and want to know how to search for someone on Match by username, then this is the perfect guide for you. In our today’s doc, we will cover all the details on how to find someone on Match and how to find someone’s profile. So, all the new joiners can stay with us till the end to get all the information on Match username search.

How to Search for Someone on by Username

How to Search for Someone on by Username

Continue reading to know about and the ways to find someone on Match by username in detail.

What is is an online dating service that was launched on the web in April of 1995. Match is considered the number one platform to find an ideal date. The site is owned by Match Group which also owns several other online dating services.

How to Search for Someone on Match by Username is a dating platform but with a limited search option as you cannot find a person with their username or name alone, therefore, it is impossible to find a person with a profile on Match with a regular search. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you complete your username search in Match. Let us explore these different ways in the coming methods below.

Method 1: Search in Match

 Search in Match

The first type of search that is the most general one in Match is the search bar. While trying to know how to find someone on Match, the best suitable way is to opt for different search options which can easily be accessed by clicking on the Search option at the top bar. You can find a Match user in various different ways with this search option:

  • By doing a regular search in which you can specify and categorize your search.
  • The next option is Mutual Search which will present you with the results you closely match with.
  • The next option available is Reverse Search which simplifies the search based on how many traits you have that the other person wants.
  • The last option available in this category is Saved Search which shows the results of your previous searches.

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Method 2: Search on Google

If you are aware of the username of the person and want to know how to find someone’s profile, then you can even try the simplest way out which is the Google search. Dating sites such as are indexed on Google and therefore it can be used as a search operator to find a profile. Google search is also one of the most reliable methods to start with. You can simply follow the steps given below to find a Match profile on Google:

1. Open the browser of your choice on your PC and open Google in it.

2. Now, click on the search box and type + the name of the person you are trying to find.

Type with the name of the person

3. You will find various results on the home page. You can refine the results by adding some keywords.

4. You can also click on the Images option for a more efficient search.

Click on the Images option

Method 3: Use Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools also come in handy in Match username search. These tools help you greatly in finding people from all around the world. Online software like these tools gather, store, and provide information about a person which is formerly collected from available public resources. These tools are totally legit and legal in providing personal information of people. So, if you are looking for an easy way out online to find a username on Match, third-party tools can help you in that as they uncover the social media presence of a person as well. To know more about which tools you can opt for in finding your match on Match, then check our guide on Top 10 Best People Search Websites.

Use Third Party Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Match offer username search?

Ans. Most of the dating sites online do not offer username search. However, on Match, users get different search options including mutual, reverse, saved, and basic search options with the help of which you can categorize and simplify your search on the platform.

Q2. How can I know if someone blocked me on Match?

Ans. If a person has blocked you on Match, you will not be able to communicate with that person, send them messages, invite them to chat, or see the person’s profile.

Q3. Can I hide my profile on Match?

Ans. Yes, Match offers an amazing feature to its users that helps them to make their profiles hidden or visible. If you have purchased private mode on Match, you will be provided with an option to make your profile private which means it will be visible only to the members who are your contact.

Q4. Can I send a message if my profile is hidden?

Ans. Yes, if your profile is hidden and you send a message to someone on Match, they will receive your message as normal. The person will be able to read your messages but won’t be able to view your profile page.

Q5. What happens on unmatching on Match?

Ans. If you unmatched someone on Match, you will not be able to see their profile again. The other person will also not be able to see your profile until or unless they create a new profile on the platform. The conversation with that person will also be unavailable after unmatched.


We hope our doc on how to search for someone on Match by username guided you about Match and the different ways you search for that special someone on the platform. If you have other queries or suggestions to give, please leave them in the comments section below.


How to Search for Someone on by Username is one of the most popular online dating sites, and it allows you to search for potential matches by username. If you know someone’s username, you can use it to find them on and start a conversation. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Log in to

The first step is to log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one before you can search for someone by username.

Step 2: Go to the Search Page

Once you’re logged in, go to the search page. You can find it by clicking the “Search” link at the top of the page.

Step 3: Enter the Username

On the search page, you’ll see a box labeled “Username.” Enter the username of the person you’re looking for in this box. Then click the “Search” button.

Step 4: View the Results

The search results will appear on the page. If the person you’re looking for appears in the results, click on their profile to view it. From there, you can send them a message or add them to your favorites list.


Searching for someone on by username is a quick and easy way to find potential matches. All you need is the person’s username, and you can start a conversation with them right away.

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