How to Save Reels in Gallery With Music Without Posting


How to Save Reels in Gallery With Music Without Posting

An excellent tool for producing enjoyable short-form video content is Instagram Reels. Other social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp are where users and producers like to share their reels. However, you don’t have to share your reels to store or download them to the camera roll. However, reels that are saved before publication are only stored to the gallery without audio. Instagram may delete audio when users save reels without sharing them in order to respect the copyright of the song. That makes sense because reel videos make it feasible to properly attribute music, which would not be possible otherwise. Users who want to keep Instagram reels with music without posting find this restriction unpleasant at the same time. Let’s get started learning how to Save Reels in Gallery with Music Without Posting and how to save reels without sharing.

How to Save Reels in Gallery With Music Without Posting

How to Save Reels in Gallery with Music Without Posting

15-second multi-clip reels can be recorded and edited using new artistic tools, audio, and effects. Reels can be shared with your followers on your Feed, and if your account is public, visitors from all around Instagram can access them through a new section under Explore. Reels in Explore allows anyone to access the Instagram creator network and increase their global audience.

What is Instagram Reel?

Reels are entertaining, interactive videos that allow you to artistically communicate your company brand, inform your audience, and attract new customers. People uses  Reels to engage with local customs, collaborate with the community, and pick up fresh ideas. You can make entertaining videos with Reels to share on Instagram with your friends or anyone else. 

Instagram Reels

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Is there a way to save Instagram reels to Camera roll?

Yes. Ever wondered how to save a reel to camera roll? There are many free and user-friendly Instagram reel savers available, both online and on mobile devices. Any reel, including your own draft, can be screen recorded without the need for additional software.

How to Save Your Reels in Gallery with Music

Using the Preview App, follow these steps to download Instagram Reels with audio:

Preview app | How to Save Reels in Gallery with Music Without Posting

1. Open the Reels tab.

2. Tap the + button.

3. Tap Repost

4. Visit the Reels Instagram page.

5. Press Copy Link by tapping the three dots.

6. Return to the Preview

Can you save Reels without sharing?

Yes. You can save reels without sharing. You’ll save your Reel drafts after sharing it with your story. Before anyone has even seen it, you’ll open your Reels drafts, put your Reel in stories, save it, and delete it.

Can you save Reels to Camera Roll after posting?

Yes. Utilizing Instagram’s Save feature is the best and simplest way to save Reels. By doing this, you can store the movie to your profile and access it whenever you want. The movie is not downloaded to your device, so please be aware of that. In fact, this is more like bookmarking than downloading. Let’s look at some options to learn how to save a reel to camera roll.

Note: Avoid tapping Save. To save your Reel to the camera roll, make sure to hit on Save Video.

1. Navigate to the Reel you want to save on Instagram by opening the app on your smartphone. In the bottom left corner, tap the Three-dot menu symbol.

2. Now, tap Save Video.

Your own Reel will be instantly saved to the camera roll on your smartphone. Now Read more to know How to Save Reels in Gallery with Music Without Posting.

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How do I Save a Reel to my Camera Roll Without Sharing? How do You Save a Reel Draft to Camera Roll Without Posting it

Ever wondered how to save reels in gallery with music without posting. Don’t worry, we got you. Simply follow these instructions to get Instagram Reels.

1. Send the video/reel to your Story but don’t share it.

add reel to your Story

2. Zoom it to your liking and tap on three dots.

click on three dots. | How to Save Reels in Gallery with Music Without Posting

3. Tap on Save.

Click on save

Why Can’t I Save My Reel to My Phone?

Due to an app bug, Instagram Reels cannot be saved. The Save option is available in some accounts but not in others. The Reels save option is reportedly gone, according to many users. Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature to keep other users’ reels, but there are a few simple workarounds accessible. You can record an Instagram Reel using the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone or Android device, or you can save it using one of numerous third-party programs.

How do I Download an Instagram Reel

This is how to download an Instagram Reel on an Android phone. Another app must be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Video downloader for instagram | save reels without sharing

  • Download Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost Instagram from Google Play.
  • Install the app, launch it, and configure it. In order to do this, you must grant the app permission to access your device’s files, media, and images. Return to Instagram and select the reel you want to download after setting up Video Downloader. To copy a link, select the three dots icon.
  • When you come back to Video Downloader, the URL for the reel you just copied will already be there. 
  • The reel can be found in the gallery of your phone. It will be available for editing and sharing on other apps.

And this is how we download an Instagram reel.


We sincerely hope that you found this information to be useful and that it helped you understand how to save reels in gallery with music without posting. Please use the comments box to contact us with any questions or recommendations.


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