How to Resubmit Rejected PF Claim Online


How to Resubmit Rejected PF Claim Online

You can resubmit the rejected PF claim on the UAN member portal as many times as you want, there is no limit for that, but before that make sure that you rectified the reason for your PF claim rejection.

And also make sure that your  bank account number and IFSC code are correct so that you will 100% receive your PF claim amount

What to Do When PF Claim is Rejected

Whenever your PF claim status shows your claim has been rejected, then the first thing you need to notice is the reason for your PF claim rejection. You can find the reason for the rejection in PF claim status.

Once you identify the reason then the next step is to solve that problem. For example, if your claim is rejected due to your name not printed on the cheque.

Then you have to get a new cheque book from the bank or bank passbook, and then you can resubmit your PF claim again in UAN member portal.

How to Reapply for Rejected PF Claim.

The process of resubmitting rejected PF claim is as same as normal PF apply process, but you have to this after rectifying the reason of your PF claim rejection.

Step 1: Login in UAN member portal with your user id and password.

Step 2: Go to online services and click on claim form 19,10C and 31,

Step 3: Now enter your bank account number and verify it.

Step 4: Now select the form which you want to apply.

Step 5: Now enter your details like your address, and upload the image of the cheque or bank passbook.

Step 6: Now enter the OTP and submit your PF claim, and you will receive your PF amount within 20 days from the date of application.

Wha to do if you dont’ know the reason of PF claim rejection

Sometimes EPF claim status doesn’t show the actual reason for PF claim rejection, in that case, you need to raise a complaint on the EPF grievance portal so that you will know the exact reason for your PF claim rejection within 48 hours.

PF Claim Rejections and Their Solutions

S No Reason of Rejection Solution
1 Name is not printed on the cheque Reapply for PF with your bank passbook or get a new cheque book from the bank.
2 Form 15G is no submitted If your service is below 5 yrs and the PF amount is above 50K, then you need to upload form 15G
3 Due to certificate enclosed is improper It is a default message from EPF claim status, in this case, to know the actual reason raise a complaint on the PF grievance portal.
4 PF claim is rejected due to father name mis match Correct your father’s name by submitting the PF joint declaration form to your PF office.
5 PF claim is rejected due to insufficient balance You need to contribute at least for 6 months to become eligible to apply for pension amount form 10C.
But you can withdraw the PF contribution without any problem. In this case, transfer your pension amount to a new PF account.

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