How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10


How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

Dropbox is an American file hosting company. You can create backups of your data in the cloud storage of Dropbox according to the various plans offered by the company. But, if you are facing 413 request entity too large laravel error while upload files to the Dropbox in Windows 10, then you should not be worried. We have a helpful guide for you that will teach you how to fix this Dropbox com error 413 on your Windows PC. Continue reading the article!

How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

How to Resolve Dropbox Com Error 413

We upload files in the Dropbox for backup incase our system gets damaged. However, while uploading the files to the Dropbox cloud storage, you may receive errors. This error may occur possibly due to following reasons.

  • Network Connectivity Issue.
  • Outdated Dropbox App.
  • Limited Dropbox Space.
  • Using Third-party Apps to Backup Files in Dropbox.
  • Large File Size.

Following are all the troubleshooting methods to fix Dropbox error 413 in Windows 10.

Method 1: Reset Router

Firstly, you should check for network issues and troubleshoot your network. You can reset your network router and check if this has fix Dropbox error 413 issue or not. Following are the steps to reset your router.

Note 1: All the settings and setups like forwarded ports, black-listed connections, credentials, etc., will be erased. So, make sure to keep an account of these before proceeding to the instructions discussed below.

Note 2: After Reset, the router will switch back to its default settings and authentication password. So, use its default credentials to log-in after the reset.

1. Open the router settings using the default gateway IP address. Then, use your credentials to Login as shown.

login your credential in prolink adsl router login

2. Note down all the configuration settings. You will require them after resetting the router as you may lose your ISP credentials if you use a P2P protocol (Point-to-Point Protocol over the Internet)

3. Now, press the Reset button on your router for 10-30 seconds.

Note: You have to use pointing devices like a pin, or toothpick to press the RESET button in some Routers.

router reset
Image by manuelwagner0 from Pixabay

4. Wait for the router to automatically turn off and turn back on. You can release the button when the lights begin to blink.

5. Finally, re-enter configuration details for the router on the webpage.

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Method 2: Update Dropbox App

Dropbox application gets automatically updated in your PC. But, if you want to update the app manually, then you can download the latest version of the app from the download page.

Dropbox download page. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

Method 3: Ensure Enough Dropbox Space

Dropbox offers varieties of storage plans to create backup of your files and folders. If you plan has reached the limit, then this can cause Dropbox com error 413 issue. So, you can try to change your plan to increase the Dropbox space. Follow the steps listed below to ensure enough Personal Dropbox space.

1. Sign in to Dropbox web version.

sign in to Dropbox

2. Click on your profile icon and select the Setting option.

click on profile icon and select Settings. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

3. Go to the Plan menu.

go to Plan menu in Dropbox Settings Personal Menu

4. Here, check your Personal Drobox space.

Personal Dropbox Space in plan menu. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

5. If you are running out of space then try to upgrade your plan by visiting the Dropbox plans page.

dropbox plans page

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Method 4: Manually Backup Files

When you are using a third-party application to backup your files in the Dropbox, then you may face issues. Hence, to solve Dropbox com error 413 problem, try to manually backup your files and folders from the Dropbox application only. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Open the Dropbox application.

2. Click on your profile icon and select Preferences.

click on profile icon and select preferences in Dropbox app

3. Go to the Backup menu.

4. Here, click on the Manage backups button.

go to Backup menu and click on manage backups. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

5. Choose the folder to sync to Dropbox and click on Set up button.

choose the folders and click on Set up button

6. You can Choose a plan to continue, else select Continue with Basic option.

choose a plan to continue or continue with basic. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

7. Finally, click on Yes, continue button in the prompt.

click on Yes continue button Dropbox

Method 5: Reduce File Size

If you have a limited Dropbox space, then try reducing the files and folders size. Here, refer to our guide on 15 best file compression tools for Windows. If you have any pdf file to backup, then also you can reduce the size without losing quality. Follow our guide to reduce pdf file size without losing quality. Reducing your file size will fix Dropbox error 413 request entity too large laravel.

choose minimum size in optimize option to reduce pdf size

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Method 6: Reinstall Dropbox App

If none of the above methods work for you to fix Dropbox com error 413, then you can reinstall the Dropbox app. Follow the given steps to reinstall the Dropbox app in Windows 10.

1. Hit the Windows key, type Control Panel and click on Open.

Open Control Panel. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

2. Set View by > Category, then click on uninstall a program option under Programs.

click on uninstall a program option under Programs

3. Now, locate the Adobe Premiere Pro and right-click on it and select Uninstall.

right click on dropbox and click on uninstall. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

4. Click on Yes in the User Account Control prompt.

5. Here, click on Uninstall button.

click on Uninstall button

6. After uninstalling the app, click on Close button and restart the PC.

click on Close button

7. Finally, visit the Dropbox official website and click on Download now.

click on Download now. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10 –

8. Click on the installer file to install Dropbox.

Click on the installer file to install Dropbox

9. Click on Yes in the UAC prompt.

10. Wait for the Dropbox Installer to initialize.

Dropbox installer initializing

11. Then, wait for a few minutes to install the Dropbox app.

installing Dropbox

12. Finally Sign in to your account to set up Dropbox on your PC.

Sign in to your account to set up Dropbox. How to Resolve Dropbox com Error 413 in Windows 10

13. Now, you will receive message stating Well done! Dropbox installed, click on Next to choose your plan and start backing up your files from the PC.

Well done. Dropbox installed

Thus, this is how you can fix the error 413 request entity too large laravel in Dropbox.


So, we hope you have learned how to fix Dropbox com error 413 in Windows 10. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.


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