How to Remove Amazon Gift Card


How to Remove Amazon Gift Card


How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

Today, we’ll look at some frequently asked questions about Amazon’s games and software library. Amazon is a Seattle-based e-commerce and tech company that is one of the big five American big businesses, specializing in areas such as online retailing, digital streaming, cloud computing, and online advertising. Amazon also creates consumer electronics, most noticeably Kindle e-readers and Amazon Echo. We will like to go over some of the fundamental aspects of Amazon’s products and services, including discrepancies, orders, and specialized gift cards. If you are someone looking for tips about how to remove Amazon gift card, stay tuned until the end. We are bringing you a helpful guide that will teach you Amazon refunding trick and whether or not you can withdraw an Amazon gift card. You will also learn what to do when you sent Amazon gift card to wrong email.

How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to remove Amazon gift card and perform Amazon refunding trick in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

What is Amazon Pay Gift Card?

A gift card may look like a credit card or display a particular theme on a plastic card. The card is recognized by a specific sequence or code rather than an individual name and can be utilized by anyone. An electronic medium program supports them. Some gift cards can be refilled with money and used numerous times. Amazon Pay Gift Cards are pre-paid gift vouchers that can be used to purchase stuff from Amazon and its partner merchants. They are offered in three varieties: Physical, eGift Cards, and Anytime Gifts.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Amazon Gift cards are not always used. The card might have been misplaced, come with time decay expiration and penalties, or complicated redemption restrictions, or the recipient might not be interested in the retailer that accepts the card or believes falsely that not using it will cost the giver less money. Amazon Gift Cards lose their value one year after they are delivered, including any unused amounts, but you cannot remove Amazon gift card. Any expired Gift Cards can be asked to be revalidated. After proper proof and subject to restrictions and circumstances, the Gift Card may be renewed upon receipt of such a request. According to estimates, 10% of cards are not used, resulting in a profit for merchants of around $8 billion in the US in 2006.

How Does Amazon Gift Card Processing Work?

There are some ways you can use Amazon gift cards. This is due to the different types of gift cards available through Amazon. To use your Amazon gift card during payment, you need to follow the steps given below:

Option I: Add Gift Card to Account

1. Visit Amazon Gift Cards Store and click on Add to account.

how to find add to account | Amazon refunding trick

2. From the Gifts and Credit balance page, enter a gift card or promo code and click on Add to your balance.

add gift or promo code | How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

Your gift card credit will be added to your Amazon Pay balance, which you can use during checkout to get a discount on the final price.

Option II: Use Gift Card During Checkout

Another way to use your Amazon gift card is when you decide to check out with your items in the cart. This process requires you to input the detail of your gift card right before you confirm your purchase.

Note: You cannot use Amazon Gifts balance with Cash on Delivery or EMI purchases.

1. Choose the desired product to purchase from Amazon’s library and click on Add to Cart.

purchase an item on amazon

2. Then, click on the Cart from the top right corner to process the purchase.

go to amazon cart | Amazon refunding trick

3. Click on Proceed to Buy for the product you have added to the cart.

amazon cart | How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

4. On the confirmation page, enter your gift card code in the given box and click on Apply in the Payment method section, as shown below.

Add your gift code here

5. Proceed to place the order successfully with the help of the desired gift card.

Read the upcoming heading to learn if you can withdraw an Amazon gift card or not.

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Can You Withdraw an Amazon Gift Card?

No, gift cards are not transferable for value, reloadable, resold, or redeemable for cash on Amazon. At no point in time will a cash refund be given to anyone. This is also why you cannot remove Amazon gift card. Gift card balances that have not been used cannot be switched to another customer’s profile. You can transfer your gift card amount to your Amazon Pay balance by following the steps we have provided before. This way, you cannot precisely withdraw an Amazon gift card, but when you checkout, your balance amount can be used to reduce the final price of your purchase.

Can You Cancel an Amazon Gift Card After Delivery?

No, you cannot cancel your gift card after delivery, and the amount cannot be refunded back to you. You can cancel your gift card before delivery from the digital orders section in your account. Because you will be charged from your preferred method of payment in under two days of the Scheduled Date of delivery, gift card orders already scheduled during that period cannot be canceled.

If You Cancel an Order on Amazon with a Gift Card, Do You Get Your Money Back?

Yes. After the refund is processed for your canceled order, you can get your Amazon gift card balance refunded within two to three hours.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Refundable?

There is a time-bound refund option available for purchases made using your gift card balance, which is up to two to three hours. However, it is restricted to the online balance or the gift credit that you have used, and no refund can be made in the form of cash at any point in time. You also cannot withdraw an Amazon gift card.

How Do I Remove a Gift Card from Amazon? How to Remove Amazon Gift Card?

Unfortunately, an Amazon gift card cannot be removed once it has been redeemed. The balance that was supposed to be used from your gift card only applies to orders you make through online payment options on Amazon, and not for Cash on Delivery orders. Therefore, you are not allowed to remove Amazon gift card.

You can stack money into your Amazon account using an Amazon gift card. When a card is used, it loses its worth and remains on the account permanently until it is utilized again. When you buy something, it deducts the amount from your gift card credit. Likewise, once you return something, the money from the transaction, if it was made using a gift card, does not go back to the card you used. It is returned to the gift card credit or your Amazon pay balance, ready for use in another purchase.

Can I Return Amazon Gift Card to Sender?

No. In any form, physical or electronic, Amazon gift cards cannot be returned to the sender directly. Amazon will simply credit the recipient’s account with the amount. Except if he specifies a different method of payment for each successful transaction, the card amount will be used instantaneously. There can be similar cases where someone may have sent Amazon gift card to wrong email.

How to Return Amazon Gift Card to Sender?

As mentioned before, you cannot return the gift card to the sender. You can contact the sender and ask them to process a refund. The sender, then, must get in touch with the Amazon customer care team and request that they deposit the remaining value of the e-card into their Amazon pay balance, after validating their identity with Amazon. They may only receive the credit on their Amazon account instead of getting a refund on their credit card or in cash. It follows that at that time, anyone must not have utilized their whole e-card amount, and not decided to remove Amazon gift card.

Amazon customer care | Amazon refunding trick

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What to Do If You have Sent Amazon Gift Card to Wrong Email?

There can be a situation where you have sent Amazon gift card to wrong email. In this case, there are two things you can do.

Firstly, you can cancel the scheduled delivery of the gift card, but not under these circumstances: The scheduled date for delivery is two days away. You will be charged for the transaction and gift cards cannot be canceled during that time.

Secondly, you can resend the gift card and get the original gift card deactivated. Follow these steps.

Note: Gift cards can be sent up to five times each.

1. Navigate to the Amazon website and Sign in with the account on which you have placed an order.

2. Then, click on Returns & Orders.

click on Returns and Orders | How to Remove Amazon Gift Card

3. In the Your Orders section, click on the View order details option from the gift card you have ordered.

4. From the Order Summary page, click on the Resend option for the particular gift card.

5. Review the gift card’s details, then adhere to the onscreen instructions.

Note: For security reasons, Amazon might require you to confirm your payment details.

What Happens in Amazon If I Do a Fake Return?

This is a common problem that is affecting a lot of sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce businesses. A case of fake return can have very telling consequences if the evidence shows you are guilty. If Amazon pays you the refund money, the product’s listing seller will suffer a loss. Even your false complaints and ratings will hurt his business on Amazon. By committing fraud, you will be keeping money and the product, but the seller will lose money since he will lose a product that you have kept. In addition to the Amazon commission and transportation charges for delivery and return, his reputation will be harmed too. This is known as a popular Amazon refunding trick. Please consider taking a morally correct decision if you are thinking of such an outcome.

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How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Refund Your Money?

Refund requests can be made via phone, chat, or email. If a product is sold by Amazon with an official receipt and is returned within 14 days after delivery, you will be reimbursed in full.

By using an Amazon gift card in place of the original method of payment, you can return products you’ve purchased on Amazon without having to provide a receipt. However, there is no assurance that returning anything without receipts will result in your money being refunded. You only have a certain amount of time to ask Amazon for a refund on an order.

The time taken for specific types of refunds is as follows:

  • Amazon pay balance: 2 hours
  • UPI, bank account, NEFT to bank account: 2 to 4 days
  • Net Banking or card(credit/debit): 2-4 days
  • Paper Cheque: 8-10 days

For Amazon Seller-Fulfilled orders, the time required to get a refund are:

  • Pre-paid orders(Credit card/Debit card): 3-5 days
  • Pay on Delivery orders(NEFT to bank Account): 3-5 days

Read this article from the start to learn whether or not you can withdraw an Amazon gift card.

How Do I Do the Amazon Refunding Trick?

One way to claim a refund without returning the product to Amazon is possible. While the risks involved are high, there is little scope for loss as once the refund amount is sent to your bank account, you can get away with it. This is the Amazon refunding trick, infamous for getting a lot of sellers into trouble with Amazon due to a loophole in their policy. You will need to try the following steps:

Note: The info provided below is only for informative/educational purposes. We do not endorse such tricks and/or subsequent usage if any.

1. Get a VPN network, to hide your IP address, preventing Amazon from keeping track of your real location.

2. You will need an old Amazon account for this trick.

Note: A new account might not be drafted easily for a refund if any party feels suspicious.

3. You must use a bank account with some credit in there, for this will increase the success rate of your endeavor.

4. Place an order on Amazon. And upon receiving the order, you will need to apply for a refund.

5. You will need to claim that the parcel you received was empty, not damaged or broken.

Note: Talk to customer care if you need to.

6. Once they approve your refund, you will receive it within the stipulated time, as well as keep the product with you.

Note: Amazon takes fraud cases very seriously and might even take legal action under piracy if the item taken is expensive or falls under specific categories.

This is what the Amazon refunding trick is implemented.


So, we hope you have understood how to remove Amazon gift card and how to perform Amazon refunding trick with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.


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