How to Pause Twitch Chat


How to Pause Twitch Chat

Twitch is a well-known platform for streaming movies, music, video games, and other types of creative content. Understandably, the chat feature has grown crucial to the experience given to millions of viewers daily. However, the steady flood of messages can be too much for streamers and moderators to handle. To deal with this, Twitch added the capability to pause chat, enabling streamers and moderators to take a breather from the quick-paced and occasionally continuous flood of chat. This article on how to pause Twitch chat will discuss the numerous methods for pausing Twitch conversation and the potential benefits. With this guide, let’s learn if can you delay Twitch chat and how to freeze the chat on Twitch on computer.

How to Pause Twitch Chat

How to Pause Twitch Chat

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to pause Twitch chat in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Can You Delay Twitch Chat?

Yes, you can delay chat on Twitch for a set amount of time. This feature is useful for streamers and moderators who want to avoid spoilers, control the flow of conversation, or filter out inappropriate comments. The chat delay is set in seconds, so you can specify how long you want to delay chat messages. It can last anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes. The chat delay feature can be accessed via the Twitch dashboard, where you can configure and activate it as needed. Delaying Twitch chat is a useful tool for making streaming more enjoyable and manageable for both the streamer and the audience. Now, if you want to know how to pause Twitch chat, let’s head to the next section.

 How to Freeze the Chat on Twitch on Computer?

Regular Twitch users and viewers have probably observed that stream discussions are frequently and even quickly changing with fresh texts. Continuous conversations on someone’s stream are known as stream chats. They may move quite quickly on busy streams. On streams with thousands of viewers, receiving and sending messages moves quickly and continuously. The stream chat moves more quickly and in greater volume the more viewers there are. Given the incomprehensible speed of text messages, it can be challenging to understand or respond to stream discussions on channels with a packed audience.

Therefore, Twitch launched the Pause Chat tool to temporarily halt the stream chat and read or reply to messages in an attempt to calm things down. Here is how to freeze the chat on Twitch on computer. There are four unique ways to pause the live chat of your favorite stream. Below are the four options you can choose mentioned with the steps to enable them.

Option I: Scroll Only

Follow these steps to enable Scroll Only option, to pause the Twitch chat:

1. Visit the Twitch website on your PC browser.

3. Select Log In from the top right corner of the screen and get into your Twitch account with credentials.

Note: Select Sign up to create a new Twitch account if you don’t have one already.

3. Click on the desired stream you want to watch.

4. From the lower right corner of the chat panel, click on the Settings gear icon.

to open Chat settings. In the lower right corner of the chat panel, click on the gear icon.

5. Then, click on the Pause Chat option.

Then select Pause Options.

6. Select the Scroll Only option.

Select the Scroll Only option. | How to Pause Twitch Chat

Now, all you have to do is scroll over the live chat panel to pause it, and read it peacefully.

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Option II: Mouseover

To pause the live stream chat on Twitch by simply holding your cursor over the chat, all you have to do is select the Mouseover option from Chat Settings.

Select the Mouseover option.

Option III: Hold Alt Key

Enabling this option will allow you to pause the live chat by simply pressing the Alt key on your keyboard. And to enable this option, select the Hold Alt Key option from the Chat Settings > Pause Chat menu.

Select the Hold Alt Key option.

Option IV: Mouseover/Alt key

This last option will allow you to pause the chat by both hovering your mouse over the chat or by simply pressing the Alt key, whichever way you like you can pause the chat. Enable this mode by selecting the Mouseover/Alt Key option.

Select the Mouseover/Alt Key option | how to pause Twitch chat

That is all! Enable any of these four options and pause and read the chat, however way you like.

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How to Pause Twitch Chat?

You can follow the above-mentioned methods to pause chat on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can Twitch ban you from chatting?

Ans. Yes, Twitch can ban users from chatting on their platform. Twitch’s community guidelines prohibit hate speech, harassment, and other inappropriate behavior. If a user violates these guidelines, they may be banned from using the chat feature for some time or permanently. The length and severity of the ban are determined by the gravity of the offense. To maintain a positive and welcoming environment for all users, Twitch users must be mindful of their behavior and follow the community guidelines.

Q2. Can I play Spotify on Twitch?

Ans. Yes, you can listen to Spotify music while streaming on Twitch. The usage of music that you do not own the rights to use could result in your stream being muted or removed from Twitch due to their strong restrictions about copyrighted music. It is advised to only play the music that you have permission to use or that is in the public domain in order to prevent this. Additionally, there are third-party applications and Twitch plugins that let you stream while playing music while staying within Twitch’s rules.

Q3. How much is 1 bit on Twitch?

Ans. On Twitch, 1 bit is equal to 1 cent (USD). Viewers can buy and use bits, Twitch’s virtual currency, to support their preferred streamers. A streamer receives a share of the money made from the bits when a viewer sends them, and for certain streamers, this may be a sizable source of cash. It’s important to note that a streamer’s actual earnings from bits will rely on their contract with Twitch and the amount of revenue made from bits.


Pausing Twitch chat can thus be a useful tool for streamers. You can create a more positive and enjoyable environment for yourself and your viewers by taking control of the chat. So, if you want to manage the chat and have a more organized and stress-free streaming experience, we hope that this article on how to pause Twitch chat has helped you. Feel free to contact us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.


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