How to Know UAN Number for Old PF Account


How to Know UAN Number for Old PF Account

Recently one of my friends came and asked me to check his PF balance for his old PF account number which looks like this MH/92678/09752.

I asked him is your mobile number linked to this PF account or not? then he said Yes because he used to receive SMS every month, whenever his employee pays PF.

So we tried to find his PF balance by giving a missed call to 01122901406 but it doesn’t work, we didn’t receive any message but after trying, again and again, we got a message that details against this member id does not exist.

So I told him to check your PF balance you need to download your PF passbook, but to download your passbook you need to have your UAN number and password of UAN member portal. So first we need to find your UAN number.

Step 1: I opened UAN member portal and clicked on know your UAN number option, and I entered his mobile number and he received OTP and OTP was also verified, but in next step, we have to enter his PF number. But he has old PF number, now EPF portals are not accepting old PF number.

Step 2: So I told him, first we need to find new format of your PF number, to do that I opened the PF establishment search website, where I entered his company name. Now all his company branches with PF details opened, there I selected new format of their company’s PF code. To that, I added the last 4 digits of his old PF number with Three Zeroes before. now his new PF account number format has become ready.

Now his new PF number format is KDMAL009267800000092752

Old PF number is MH/92678/09752.

PF establishment search

If you want to know more details about PF number format then read this.

Step 3: Now we enter all the details as per and click on show UAN, but unfortunately it didn’t work. It has shown error that the details are not matching.

Step 4: Now I again went to the UAN member portal and now I clicked on Activate UAN option and selected PF member ID option, and entered all his details like his PF number, name, dob, mobile number. After verifying the OTP his UAN number and UAN portal’s password were sent to his mobile number. ( So it is better to use activate UAN option to find your UAN).

Step 5: Now I logged in his UAN member portal and changed his password to the simple format. and in next day we downloaded his PF passbook with this UAN number and new password.

This has become possible only because of his mobile number is linked with his PF account number, otherwise he needs to depend on his employer or PF office to find his UAN number.

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