How to Get Refund from Naukri | Naukri Refund Policy


How to Get Refund from Naukri | Naukri Refund Policy


Naukri offers several paid services for both job seekers and recruiters. The examples of their services are like resume writing, resume display, priority applicant, resume critique, recruiter connection, interview preparation, and Resdex(Resume Database Access) services for the recruiters.

But here the major question is will Naukri has any refund policy in case the user does not want to use their services after purchase?

Naukri Refund Policy

The answer is No, Naukri doesn’t have a refund policy, that means they don’t pay any refund if the user is not satisfied with their services.

Hence there is no refund option from Naukri but they try to address your service-related issues. You can contact Naukri customer care number ✆ 18001025557 from Monday to Saturday in between morning 9:30 Am to Evening at 6 Pm (or) you can also contact them through their customer support portal.

Is Naukri Paid Services Worth

If you are a recruiter and looking for candidates then using Naukri paid services like Resdex is a good option. Because Naukri has the largest database of job seekers, every job seeker in India has already registered in Naukri.

But when it comes to paid services for job seekers, I don’t think their services are required. If you can prepare your own resume and know how to apply for a job then there no need to buy their paid services.

What is Naukri Fast Forward Services

Naukri fast forward services provide some specialized services for job seekers like resume writing, interview preparation, increasing your profile visibility, and increasing your chances to get calls, etc.

Which is best job portal in India

When it comes to best job portals in India, Naukri comes in first place, after that you can see Indeed, Linkedin, monster, Shine, and even quikr jobs is also doing good job.

Hence Naukri has a largest data base of employees most employers prefer Naukri to search candidates for their job vacancies.

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