How to Fix Red Light on Alexa


How to Fix Red Light on Alexa

Technological advancement has introduced several gadgets that have taken upon themselves to make people’s lives easier. One such technology is the virtual assistant that provides technical support or creative assistance remotely. Alexa is one of the most famous virtual assistants that was released in the year of 2014. This voice-controlled machine does most of the work like playing audio, controlling the smart home, answering questions, and engaging with its user’s favorite services. Alexa has undoubtedly made life easier for a lot of people. However, this artificial technology sometimes faces errors like Alexa red ring of death. If you are Amazon Echo device user and have an Alexa at home, seeing a red light might not seem alien to you. To your rescue, our today’s guide on how to fix red light on Alexa will help you greatly with several methods that you can attempt to resolve this Alexa red ring issue. So, without delaying any further, let us get started with knowing more about this red light on Alexa and sorting it out. 

How to Fix Red Light on Alexa

How to Fix Red Light on Alexa

Troubleshooting red light on Alexa depends upon the problems that your device might be facing. We will discuss some potential reasons that trigger this red color ring light to pop up on Alexa, but before that let us get to acquaint with some useful methods that will help you to eliminate these possible red-light causing reasons.

Method 1: Enable Echo Microphone

The first method which is a simple workaround and has been an effective solution in most cases too is to enable an Echo microphone. This fix is great to get your microphone set up back with your Amazon Echo. You can enable the Echo microphone with the help of a button that is located at the top of the Echo. You can simply press it to resolve the red light.

1. Press the microphone button at the top of Amazon Echo to turn off the red light on Alexa.

Press the microphone button

2. Now, wait for a few seconds for Alexa to follow your command.

3. Try restarting the device if Alexa does not respond.

4. Unplug Echo from the mains and wait for 20 seconds to plug it in again.

Method 2: Restart Alexa

It is also possible that Amazon Echo show red light due to some internal issues of the device. If so, to eliminate these natural elements from causing the red light, the best thing to do is to restart the device. Follow the steps below to restart your Alexa:

1. Unplug the power cord of Alexa.

Unplug the power cord

2. Now, wait for about 5 seconds before reconnecting it.

3. On connecting it again, wait for the blue light to show up.

Now, ask Alexa a question or give it a command to check if it starts working again without a red light.

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Method 3: Restart Wi-Fi Router

If restarting your Echo device is not of any help and you are still wondering about how to fix Alexa red ring then there is a possibility that your Wi-Fi network is down or not connected to the internet. In this case, the best possible solution is to restart your Wi-Fi router. If you don’t know how then follow the steps below to restart it:

1. Press the power button present at the back of your router to turn it off.


2. Now, unplug the power cables of the router and wait until the power is completely drained off.

3. Now, wait for about 30 seconds.

4. Reconnect the power cables to the router and switch it on.

Now, wait till the network connection is regained and then check if the red-light issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Use Fast Internet Connection

There might not only be issues with your router but with your internet connection too. For Alexa to receive your commands properly and to know how to fix red light on Alexa, you must have a strong internet network. Therefore, you must check if your connection is dependable or not. You can do so by checking the strength of your network and resolving issues if any are found. You can also refer to our guide on Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet! to fix possible issues.

change dns setting

Method 5: Troubleshoot Faulty Hardware

If the issue is not with your router or internet connectivity, then you must also check for any possible physical damage to your Echo device that might be causing Amazon Echo show red light. If your device was ever dropped or has shattered, the damage can interfere with the microphone’s operation. This might turn off the microphone intermittently or even permanently. Also, it can leave your device with some inside damage too. If this is likely, then you must get your device checked and exchanged for it to work properly.

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Method 6: Clear Signal Interference

The next thing that you must do to avoid Alexa red ring of death is to clear any potential signal interference. You must keep your Echo device away from other electronic devices as positioning it close to other e-devices could interfere with Alexa’s signals. It is also possible that your device is placed far from the Wi-Fi router and thus it is unable to catch the signals. Therefore, you must relocate Alexa to resolve the red-light issue.

Method 7: Update Echo Software

If you are wondering why does my Alexa have a red ring then its outdated software version might be one of the answers. An old software version of your Echo device can result in certain glitches and bugs, leaving a red light on it. If so, to resolve these technical issues, update Echo software using the steps below:

1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap on the Devices option at the bottom.

Tap on Devices

2. Next, go to Echo & Alexa and then select your device.

3. Now, tap on the Settings gear icon and select About.

4. In case of an available update, install it.

You can also command Alexa to update itself if your microphone is working fine. If an update is available, Alexa will update it automatically and Alexa red ring issue will be fixed.

Method 8: Factory Reset Echo

If you still have not been able to know how to fix Alexa red ring, then factory resetting Echo might help you resolve all of your device-specific issues. This must be used as a last resort to try out if you have been unsuccessful with the above-mentioned methods. On performing a reset, you will not lose lists or account-level settings and information.

Note: Record routines or other settings that you want to recreate before performing a reset.

1. Tap on the Alexa app icon on your mobile phone to open it.

2. Open Devices and go to Echo & Alexa.

Open Devices. How to Fix Red Light on Alexa

3. Select the Echo device first.

4. Now, tap on the Settings gear icon.

5. Next, either select Factory Reset (Echo Show) or Deregister (all other Echos) from the list of options.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to move forward with the reset process.

7. Finally, set up your Echo device again and connect Alexa to the Wi-Fi.

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Method 9: Contact Amazon Alexa Support

The last possible answer for how to fix red light on Alexa is to contact Amazon Alexa Support if you are still struggling with the red-light problem. It is the final resort that involves taking help of the tech support. You can contact the support team from the Alexa app itself by heading to the More option in which you can find Help & Feedback. You can also visit the official website of Amazon to reach out to Alexa Devices Help where you can select your device and move forward with submitting your query.

Contact Amazon Alexa Support. How to Fix Red Light on Alexa

Hence, these are the methods to fix Alexa red ring issue.

Why Does my Alexa have a Red Ring?

Now that you are aware of different methods that you can use to fix the Alexa red light problem, it is time to explore the main culprits behind it. You must already be familiar with some of the reasons while exploring the above methods, still, let us unfold these reasons in detail below to shed some more light on them:

  • Microphone feature on Alexa not working.
  • The microphone button being turned off.
  • The microphone button on Echo was pressed, disabling all its functions.
  • Faulty camera connection of the Amazon Echo Show.
  • Weak or no internet connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi router fault.
  • Physical damage to the device due to being dropped or knocked off.
  • The outdated software version of Amazon Echo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does the red light on Amazon Echo Show mean?

Ans. Red light indication on Amazon Echo Show or other Echo devices means that the microphone of the device is not working fine.

Q2. What does green light on Alexa mean?

Ans. Green light on Alexa indicates that you are receiving a call on the gadget.

Q3. What do flashing blue and green light mean on Alexa?

Ans. Flashing blue and green light on Alexa means that it is paying attention to what you are saying and trying to understand it.

Q4. Why is Alexa flashing white light?

Ans. Alexa flashing white light indicates that its guard is on and the device is in its listening mode.

Q5. What does purple light on Alexa mean?

Ans. The purple light on Alexa means that the device is experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues.


We hope that our doc on how to fix red light on Alexa was informative enough and you were able to resolve the red-light issue of your device with the help of the above-mentioned methods. Please let us know which one of the methods came to your rescue. You can also drop your valuable suggestions and queries in the comments section below.


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