How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11


How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

Have you ever found yourself using your iPhone or watching videos on it when it suddenly starts acting on its own? Well, it only happens occasionally, but it usually gets to the point where you have to deal with this problem with your iPhone constantly, and your phone starts acting strangely. Many people experience the iPhone ghost touch bug. Although it’s not advisable, some people immediately get their screen replaced. To fix your Ghost touch issue on your iPhone, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 and how to fix ghost touch on iPhone XS in this article.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

To know how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11, we first need to understand what is iPhone ghost touch and how it affects iPhone. Keep reading to gain a thorough understanding of it.

What is Ghost Touch?

Many users are unaware of the meaning of the phrase ghost touch because it is not frequently used. Ghost touch is the term used to describe the autonomous actions that your iPhone can carry out. Imagine a ghost manipulating your iPhone and carrying out tasks without your help. Numerous things can change when a ghost touches them. Numerous users who have experienced this problem know the numerous tasks that ghost touch has completed on their devices.

How does Ghost Touch Affect iPhone?

Because ghost touch does nothing more than touch your iPhone, you might wonder how it can harm your device. The complete functionality of your iPhone depends solely on touches, as you are probably already aware. Your device does what you touched it to do when you touch something on it. All of the functions on your device are controlled by it.

A ghost touch can perform any action you can perform as a user on your iPhone. It can launch applications, send messages to contacts, make iPhone calls, change settings, and perform other operations. If it can access your Settings app and then the reset option, it can even format your device and restore it to its factory settings.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11?

If your device’s ghost touch problem is something you run into too frequently, you might want to look for a guide on how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11. If you don’t, your iPhone might start carrying out tasks that you didn’t want, like sending emails to your contacts with no content in the body. Additionally, things could get worse if you are not careful and let your iPhone run on its own.

Follow the methods below on how to fix ghost touch on iPhone XS and 11.

Method 1: Clean Screen

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Something on your screen may be causing your iPhone to detect phantom touches. The best option is a microfiber cloth, which you’d use to clean a pair of glasses. Use a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a microfiber cloth if you don’t have one. Use the cloth to wipe the screen until there is nothing visible gently.

1. Turn off your iPhone to prevent it from accidentally opening apps or sending messages.

2 Then, lightly dampen the cloth with distilled water and gently wipe the screen to remove sticky or grimy materials.

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Method 2: Disconnect Third Party Charger and Accessories

Disconnect the accessory if you’re using an iPhone charger or another accessory that Apple doesn’t approve to see if the issue persists. When connected to your Lightning port, third-party charging cables, headphone jack adapters, battery charging cases, and other accessories can result in odd screen movements. If you only experience ghost touch when an accessory is connected, it is most likely that the accessory is to blame.

If you find the issue with a charging cable, you might also want to try using a different outlet or device to plug the charger, such as your computer, rather than a wall outlet. By connecting problematic wall outlets, extension cords, and power strips to this, you can rule out any grounding issues.

Method 3: Remove or Replace Screen Protector

Although screen protectors are used to protecting screens, they occasionally result in touchscreen issues. This occurs when the screen protector is out of alignment or when there is debris, hair, dust, or an air bubble between the tempered glass protector and the screen. Replace your screen protector as soon as you notice a crack in it because screen protector cracks can also lead to issues.

1. Lift the screen protector with duct tape, a credit card, or your fingers.

Note: To loosen the adhesive, apply low heat to the screen protector before attempting to remove it.

2. To put on the new screen protector, clean the screen thoroughly and place the protector carefully and correctly.

Method 4: Use Different iPhone Case

Your iPhone case’s alignment or shape could occasionally impact the screen’s sensitivity. However, manufacturers make every effort to design cases that correctly fit all iPhone models. However, an incompatible case for your iPhone could cause automatic touching of the parts, mainly the corners, which would cause your iPhone to perform actions. Even better, you will be able to confirm that your case is in contact with your device’s screen when you check it out for yourself.

The best course of action is to change your case to a brand-new, compatible, and superior one. It will assist you in solving the problem of iPhone 11 ghost touch, and your phone should function normally. You can read our guide on What is the Difference Between OtterBox Symmetry Vs Commuter? to learn about the two well-known protective cases for iPhone.

OtterBox Symmetry series

Method 5: Close Background Apps

There is a chance that background programs are to blame for the iPhone 11 ghost touch problem. They might have deviated, perhaps as a result of a mistake or glitch. By forcing them to close, you can solve the issue. Follow the steps below to close background apps for how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 error:

Abide by the steps given below to force close the apps on your iPhone:

  • On iPhone X or the latest model of iPhone: Swipe upwards from the bottom and stop at the middle of your screen to see all the apps that you have used recently.
  • On iPhone 8 or an earlier model of iPhone: Double-click the home button to see the apps you have recently used.

Swipe them off from this section to close them from running in the background.

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Method 6: Force Restart iPhone

If you encounter issues with the iPhone screen glitch, you could always try restarting your smartphone. Rebooting your devices fixes any problems with ghost screens that might have been brought on by applications, just as it always updates your devices. To restart your iPhone, follow the instructions mentioned in our guide on How to Force Restart iPhone X.

volume up volume down and side button on iPhone

Method 7: Modify Accessibility Touch Settings

A number of accessibility settings can alter the iPhone’s screen’s responsiveness to touch. You might have unintentionally changed the touch duration, enabled Touch Accommodations, turned on Assistive Touch, or even activated a feature that records taps on the back of your phone. Here’s where to look:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone

2. Tap on Accessibility.

Select Accessibility | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

3. Then, tap on Touch.

Select Touch

4. Tap on AssistiveTouch and turn on the toggle for the AssistiveTouch option.

Note: If Touch Accommodations is turned on, your iPhone may ignore repeated taps or ask you to hold the screen still for a long time to record the tap. Toggle the switch to the off position by tapping Touch Accommodations to disable this feature.

Tap on AssistiveTouch and turn on the toggle for the AssistiveTouch option

5. Go back to the Touch menu, swipe down, and tap on Back Tap.

6. Then, choose None for Double Tap and Triple Tap to disable it.

Note: If Back Tap is enabled, double or triple taps on the back of your iPhone will be registered as actions that can be carried out, such as opening apps, adjusting the volume, or calling Siri.

Go back to Touch, scroll down, tap on Back tap, and choose None for Double Tap and Triple Tap to disable it. | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

7. To determine whether the touch duration is too fast or slow, tap on Haptic Touch.

Note: Touch duration means the amount of time you must hold your finger against the phone to register a lengthy tap.

Haptic Touch

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Method 8: Update Affected Apps

The apps may not have been updated recently if the problem is not the result of a random glitch or error. If so, it may be difficult to pinpoint which of them is to blame for the ghost touch issue on the iPhone. Follow the steps below to update all the applications for how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 error:

1. Launch the Apple App Store app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Profile icon from the top right corner.

Tap on the Profile pic on the top right corner.

3. To view every update available, swipe down and tap on Update All.

Click Update All | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

Method 9: Update iOS

The fact that you receive regular updates for your device’s operating system is one of the best things about owning an iPhone. This also holds true for other Apple products, but the iPhone receives the most updates of all Apple products. Apple wants to address as many issues on its devices as possible, which is why you receive a lot of updates for iOS. An issue that existed in an earlier iOS version should most likely be resolved in a more recent update, and so on.

Follow the steps below to update your iPhone for how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 error:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Next, tap on General from the menu.

tap on General from the menu

3. Tap on the Software Update option.

Select Software Update from the menu

4. Then, tap on Download and Install.

Note: If you receive a message requesting that you temporarily remove apps so that iOS can update, choose Continue or Cancel.

Download and Install | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

5A. Tap the Install option if you want the update to happen right away.

5B. Alternatively, your iOS device will be updated automatically overnight if you tap Install Tonight and plug it in before you go to bed.

Note: Selecting Remind Me Later gives you the option to install the software at a later time.

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Method 10: Reset All Settings

Your screen may be acting up because you messed with your device’s settings and made overrides. You can simply change the settings back if you are aware of what you changed. You will have to reset all of your settings if you can’t recall.

Note: Remember that once you do this, all previously saved Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth pairings, and VPN settings will be lost.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Tap on General.

3. Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone from the bottom of the screen.

Select Transfer or Reset iPhone

4. Tap on Reset.

Choose Reset

5. Tap on Reset All Settings.

Chose Reset All Settings | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

Method 11: Perform Factory Reset

In some cases, the problem may be too severe to be resolved by simply resetting the device’s settings. If that applies to you personally, you might want to consider factory resetting your device. There is a distinction between factory resetting your iPhone and simply resetting its settings. A factory reset removes all of the data, settings, and pretty much everything else from your device. You can take the following steps to increase the likelihood that the ghost touch problem will be resolved. Read our guide on How to Factory Reset iPhone X to learn how to do that.

tap on erase all content and settings.

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Method 12: Fix Issues via Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is like a factory reset, only more thorough. It can find and fix additional errors that might be the root of your display issue. Disconnecting in the middle of a recovery restoration, however, can be risky as you might experience annoyance errors. All of your personal information will be erased. Make a backup of your files first.

Follow the steps below to enter recovery mode for how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 error:

Note 1: This method will erase all your iPhone data. Make sure to backup all your data.

Note 2: Remember not to break off in the middle. If the recovery process doesn’t finish in 15 minutes, you’ll be kicked out of recovery mode automatically.

1. Firstly, open the iTunes app on your PC or laptop.

open the iTunes app on your PC or laptop

2. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button on your iPhone.

3. Then, press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

4. Now, press and hold the Power button until the Connect to laptop icon (Restore screen) appears on the iPhone.

Note: If you use an iPhone with a Home button, press and hold the Volume Down + Home button until the Connect to laptop icon appears.

iPhone Restore screen | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

5. Then, click on the Restore option from the popup on iTunes, as shown below.

Note: By clicking this option, iTunes will clear all the settings and content, including your iPhone passcode.

click on the Restore option from the popup on iTunes |

6. Click on Restore and Update.

Click on Restore and Update

7. Click on the Download icon to download the firmware.

Note: iTunes will restore your iPhone after finishing the download process.

Click on the Download icon to download the firmware

8. iTunes will enter the recovery mode and restore the software on your iPhone. Wait till the process is finished. 

iTunes will restore the software on your iPhone. Wait till the process is finished | How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

9. After your iPhone is restarted, select the desired restore options.

Method 13: Contact Apple Support

If none of the aforementioned solutions have been successful for you, you will need to get in touch with Apple Support. For the how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 query, you can seek professional advice. In addition, to live support from their corporate offices, Apple offers an online help desk with articles. To contact the Apple customer service department, go to the iPhone Support page.

iPhone Support page |


So, we hope you have understood how to fix ghost touch on iPhone 11 with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.


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