How to Find Uplay Screenshot Location


How to Find Uplay Screenshot Location

Taking screenshots while gaming is what everyone does. What if you want to capture a moment from your Ubisoft games? You must be wondering how to do that if you are not a gamer or play games once in a while. Hardcore gamers must be aware of the procedure of how to take screenshots in Ubisoft connect. We have got you if you are not one of those hardcore Uplay gamers. This article is going to be a perfect guide for you as here we will be guiding you about Uplay screenshot location.

How to Find Uplay Screenshot Location

How to Find Uplay Screenshot Location

Here, we have explained where to find Ubisoft screenshots location in detail.

What is Uplay?

Ubisoft Connect website

Uplay, currently known as Ubisoft Connect, is a platform for gamers to play and connect. It is free of cost provided you have a Ubisoft account. This gives you access to Ubisoft connect on your console and streaming services like Xbox series, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc via the game menu by downloading it on your PC and mobile. It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

How to Take Screenshots in Ubisoft Connect?

Taking screenshots while gaming on mobile is so easy what is not easy taking screenshots on your desktop. There might be hardly anyone who will have the patience to take screenshots using the print screen button and then use other editing tools to save them. Here, with Ubisoft connect you can very conveniently take screenshots by pressing a single key. The F12 key is the default key that enables you to screenshot any moment while gaming. It automatically saves your screenshots on your desktop. This is what you will be reading about in the next section of the article. Let’s proceed to see where to find Ubisoft screenshots.

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Where is Uplay Screenshot Location?

Once you are done with the screenshots by just pressing the F12 keys, you can find the screenshots saved in a default location. We have listed down the steps for you to find Uplay screenshot location.

1. Open Ubisoft Connect on your Desktop.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen.

3. Click on Settings.

4. Click on Other from the options listed on the left side of the screen.

select other menu in uplay settings

5. Under the Screenshot folder location you will find the folder address which you can use to navigate to the location.

6. Click on Open Folder to open the screenshots folder directly.

This is how you can reach the Uplay folder location on your desktop. Now you will read about how you can customize the screenshots settings.

How to Customize Screenshot Settings in Ubisoft Connect?

Customizing the screenshot settings lets you change the screenshot key and location accordingly. Now let’s see how you can do that by following the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open Ubisoft Connect on your Desktop.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen.

3. Click on the Settings option.

4. Click on the Other option listed on the left side of the screen.

5. Under the Other section click on Change to change the screenshot folder location.

click on change

6. Underneath that find the Capture screenshot hotkey and make changes as required.

These were the steps that you can use to customize the screenshot setting on Ubisoft Connect.

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How to Turn Off the Screenshots Notification in Ubisoft Connect?

Now that you have learned about where to find Ubisoft screenshots and customizing the screenshot settings, you will now learn about turning off the screenshot notifications. You may find the notifications annoying each time you take a screenshot. Therefore, it is better to turn off these notifications. The steps to do this have been listed below:

1. Open Ubisoft Connect on your Desktop.

ubisoft connect app

2. Click on a game.

3. Press the Shift + F2 keys together for the menu.

4. Click on the Settings option on the left-hand side of the screen.

5. In the Notifications section turn off the notifications by clicking on Enable in-game notifications.

These were the steps to turn off the screenshot notification in Ubisoft Connect.


This article was all about screenshots in Ubisoft Connect. We hope that our document has guided you extremely well in learning about Uplay screenshot location. This article is going to be of help in some way or the other. Let us know about your favorite tool and also leave your queries or suggestions, if any, in the comments section below.


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